Maps By Number

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1 Athens Northwest Quadrant
2 Athens Southwest Quadrant
3 Athens Southeast Quadrant
4 Athens Northeast Quadrant
5 Eleusis
6 Athens Metis Circle
7 East Athens Orchard and Vineyard
8 Iera Odhos and North Attica Road
9 Oinoe and The Sphinx
10 Hamaxitos Road and Trading Post
11 Tiamat and Ixion Plains
12 Piraeus
13 Bandit Brigade and The Blackberry Woods
14 Kithaeron Mountains and Neverborn Caverns
15 Athens Catacombs Part A
16 Athens Catacombs Part B
17 Gamlebyen and Frogner Forest
18 Thebes
19 Alexandria
20 Kom es-Shawqaffa
21 Southern Alexandria Desert and Oasis
22 Athens Cemetery and Mausoleum
23 Slemdalsveien and Nittedal Bygd
24 Saronikos Coast and Ellinikon Forest
25 Anavyssos and Saronikos Coast
26 Underground Cave Village
27 Fedmire's Tent and Cresus' Caves
28 Warrens Forest Path
29 Woodhaven and Bacchus Caverns
30 Tashen Samonza and Penthesilea Forest
31 Bethells Beach and Seacaves
32 East-West Trail and Eastern Foothills
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33 Undead Prison and Village
34 Kithaeron Foothills
35 Mount Pentelikon
36 Odhos Ochtotessera, Andreas, Polyandrion
37 Heretic's Hideout
38 Athens Underground Graveyard
39 Apeilos Village and Thanasimos Marsh
40 Temple of Grigoros and Nosoi Valley
41 Hierra and Cavern Village
42 Barrow Downs
43 Daimanagh Forest (Fairy Land)
44 Lake Maryut and Monumental Tomb
45 Antirrhodos and Ptolemean Necropolis
46 Odhos Temporalis and Abandoned Farmhouse
47 Acharnae and Odhos Temporalis
48 Isle of Ares and Aliki Anavissou Marsh
49 Delphi
50 Delphi Roman Agora
51 Aigaleos Ridge and Kaio Koilada
52 Hamaxitos Road Grasslands
53 Abandoned Norse Settlement
54 Kastelli Hill, Duck Hunting, Swamp of Moerae
55 Odhos Boeotia
56 Alexandria Coast
57 Piraeus Academy
62 Chersonissos and Elafonisos Beach (Crete)
99 Lower Warrens
99 Middle Warrens
99 Upper Warrens
100 Terminus Nexus / Aquamarine Path / Forest's Edge

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