March 2001

March 30 - Thanks to Anika for this bit of news. As most of us who read the in-game news now know, the origami craze has hit Athens! Papyrus can be bought in Gwithian's Song Shop in Athens SE (last night at the Storyteller Forum, Holyph was saying it would be priced at 3 dinars/sheet). Once you have a sheet of papyrus, you can type USAGE PAPYRUS to learn how to get started…and once you begin making folded creations, you can type USAGE to see what fun (or not-so-fun) things you can do with your paper creation.

March 22 - Apparently two rough-looking giants showed up in Athens the other night named Plinder and Peledge. They mumbled about a woman being injured on the road south of Athens. The athenians, being the heroes that they are, followed the two bandits back to where a badly injured woman was. Nesia, the woman, doesn't remember anything but appears to be Egyptian. It seems we've decided to help yet another innocent and get her memory back. Azrah was also seen around the gate looking for Nesia, claiming he was her bodyguard.

He told us that they were on a ship and a storm hit. Somehow, Nesia was seperated and washed ashore somewhere near Athens. He also informed us that Nesia was engaged, but would not tell us to who. After remarking on the Athenians being a suspicious lot, he left. Nesia showed up this evening, saying she felt as if someone was stalking her. Shortly after she arrived, a man in a cloak named Zetrius showed up, and Nesia split like the hounds of hades were after her. The man apparently spent the time muttering about that "She can't hide from me forever." and answering questions with "That's not your business".

March 17 - Autolycus has been seen several times this week chatting away at the gate. He made some vague comment about a deal with Hades on a new way out, but would not elaborate. Tarha also attacked the gate with bacchae, and warned us yet again about getting her the ring. There is a wagon south of the gate selling items in celebration of St. Patricks Day.

There was also an invasion of pathetic rogues and wild rogues at the gate. This was heard at the end: You hear someone saying, "No, No, you were supposed to wait until tomorrow when the rest of the troops show up. Now I have to call it all off." Some annoyed muttering was heard after that, and then there was silence. Rogues also have recieved a net trap, but I don't know the specifics of it. Skins and pelts now sell for more as well.

March 15 - Thanks to Katie for this bit. Normius came to the gate and was telling us that he will probably be setting up a mobile workshop in Thebes. We're guessing he'll sell furniture for houses, but he won't tell us what!

Normius exclaims, "There are spies everywhere, if I told you what I was working on someone else would be sure to steal the idea!"

When Dearcy asked how he was planning on marketing his workshop he had this to say:
Normius says, "if you are daring enough you can find it"
Normius says, "If you can't couldn't find it you wouldn't be the type to use my furniture anyway."

March 11 - Alright, I've not heard of much happening at all, so here's what I have heard of. Kleftis's tent is on Rhea Road. She is an earring merchant. Autolycus also made a visit to the gate to show he is alive and well and not hanging for his crimes.

Note by me! Apparently Tarha attacked with all her little bacchae friends this morning and wreaked general havoc. A bit later the king of thieves himself was seen schmoozing with the general populace. I didn't get any details, but that's what I know.

March 4 - Aphrodite's Contest went well and the Goddess seemed pleased by her entries. Ares also came to help judge, and it appears there is something more than brother-sister affection between them. They'd better hope Hephaestus doesn't catch wind of it.

Dionysus talked to us from the shadows the other day, showing us ..enchanting…pictures of nymphs and minotaurs and cows. Pitthea, his priestess, also paid a visit to the gate, where someone pointed her out from the shadows. She decided to be merciful, and not kill the person, but it put her in a rather bad mood for the rest of her time with us. After getting challenged, she went to the Arena with a group of Athenians, and easily defeated any who tried to attack her.

Note by me! Death mechanics have changed. Now when you die you will lose all of your experience in your pool and any fame in your pool up to, but not exceding, the amount of experience you lost. You will also be hurting for quite some time after death and it doesn't seem like any elixirss or anything will help with this since it's an ongoing thing.

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