Master Shop List


A Home Away From Hold
A Notion to Sew
Abby's Apple Eats Shop
Accentuate the Positive
Adler Home and Carpet
Adrasteia's Outfitting
Aelwyn's Alchemy Supplies
Aether's Weapons
Agati Furniture Imports
Aisthetikos Clothiers, Showroom
Alexia's Alchemical Alcove
All That Glitters, Show Room
Ankhamen's Exceptional Apparel
Aphedra's Affectations
Aphrodite's of Delphi
Apu's Discount Armor
Areus' Arms
Argyria's Gems and Jewels
Armed to the Hilt
Attadistus' Arms and Accessories
Audric's Armory
Aurelia's Jewelry
Baselius' Shop of the Faithful
Bastion's Finery
Basto's Survival Gear
Baths, Baths and Nothing Else Beyond Baths
Beats Me
Bent Sword Armor and Greaves
Bertrum's Fish and Tackle Shop, Showroom
Besottichus' Fine Wines
Brothers Judas and Jasonius' Emporium
Capital Mill Cakes and Pastries
Cat's Fence
Celina's Sturdy Weaponry
Centurion Shields
Cheimosnas's Quilts
Chilgun's Home Designs
Chocolatier Sokolata
Clorinda's Gems
The Complete Alchemist
Cronik's Holy Emporium
Crown and Scepter Jewelry
Crown and Scepter, Quality Gems
Deasher's Uncommon Cures
Dentius' Repair Shop
Diarikos' Shop of Alchemy, Scroll Room
Diarikos' Shop of Alchemy
Divalius' Accessories
Divine's Dark Demesne
Dmitri's Daffodils
Draco Road Holy Relics and Supplies
The Dragon's Lair
Drakor's Forge and Leatherworks
Dunkel's Wares
Dyfan the Locksmith's Shop
Eathar's Bow Shop
Edda's Storytelling Supplies
Edstasium's Rare Books
Ekeino the Woodcarver's Shop
Elegance Underfoot
Elianthe's Elegant Emporium
Epheseus' Fine Outerwear
Eridanos Bridge Armorers
Ese's Weapon Imports
Eurike's Writing Supplies
Everything Equine
Faithful Furnishings
Fatunya's Fashions
Feena's Fashion Emporium
Fine Dorian Weaponry
The Flamen's Fiery Foyer
Flavius Armenius Orisius Collectibles
Fleet Apothecary
Flights of Fancy
Flotsam and Jetsam Alchemist Supplies, Scroll Room
Flotsam and Jetsam Alchemist Supplies
Forgotten Storage Room
Frourio Magikos, Hat and Hare Pub
Frourio Magikos, Main Dining Room
Frourio Magikos, Mezzanine Bar
Garvin's Bargains
Gemma's Puppet Shop
The General Store
Gezwik's Packs and Pouches
Gimcrack's Shamania
Gimwick's Tacky Fashions
Githal's Shoemaker Shop
Greater Athens Nouveau Fashions
The Guard Elite -- Sekhem's Finest Weapons
Gwithian's Song Supplies
Gytha's Locksmith Shop
Hanging with the Cooper
Harmok's Workshop, Front Room
The Heavenly Haberdashery, Show Room
Hierra Cavern Village Tavern
Holy Mole Relics and Supplies
Hounds of Artemis Fletchery
Hrorek's Priestly Goods Shop
Hylas the Fletcher's Shop
In With the Tide, Showroom
Interiority Complex
Iurielle's Floral Arrangements
Jessika's Fletchery
Kalokairi's Medicinals
Kestes' Arms and Armor
Kineta's Sweet Shop
Kjetil Stor-Slegga's Weapons and Armor
Kouzina's Nook
The Known World Delphi Restaurant, Gift Shop
Koukla and Kolie's Doll Shop, Custom Tailoring and Wigs
Koukla and Kolie's Doll Shop, Jewelry and Accessories
The Lackadaisical Legionairre
Large and in Charge Armory, Front Room
Lavendar's Fashions
Leipsana's Pawnshop
Liandor's Weavers' Shop
Library of Kallinos Bookstore
Liv's Unlimited
Longrik's Leather Armor
Loustos and Ilio's Paralia Paraphernalia
Loutro kai Soma Michanourgeio
Mak's Leather Goods
Malena's Metals and Stones, Display Room
Masters of Stuff and Things
Militia Building, Second Floor
The Many Faces
Mona's Bedroom Lease and Sales
Mutemwia's Magical Blossoms
Myron the Weaponsmith's Shop
Namit's Natural Supplies
Nature's Treasures
Neera's Necessities
Nelia's Weaver Shop
Nicos' Bookshop
Norak's Armor
Octavia's Scentorium
Orielle's Ammunition
The Outer Mask
Palace of Mystery Majik Shoppe
Palace of Mystery, The Owl Bar
Palace of Piraeus Hotel, Atrium Buffet
Palace of Piraeus Hotel, Bar and Lounge
Palace of Piraeus, Coffee and Gift Shop
Palace of Piraeus Hotel, The Dragon's Cave
Pandora's Unlocking Service, Subsidiary
Pandora's Unlocking Service
Perdurabo's Alchemicus Triumphicus
Phaetorius' Chandlery, Show Room
The Primping Place
Reseda's Healing Hut
Rita's Leather Raiment, Front Room
Robinarches' Fine Bows and Arrows
Romando's Gladiatorial Imports, Weapon Sales
Romando's Gladitorial Imports, Armor Sales
Sacks Dysiliou Boulevard
Salacia's Stitchery
Salik's Priestly Goods
Salty's General Supplies and Equipment
Salty's Sister's Clothing Shoppe
Saoul the Armorer's Shop
Scarlat's Fine Fashions
The Secluded Oasis
Shadari's Sensational Footwear
Shop of Ismena the Alchemist
Souza's Swords and Songs Forever
Spyridoul's Magical Wonders
Squirrel's Knotty Pine
Stavros' Superior Supplies
Stradivari's Stellar Strings
Sylvana's Protective Outerwear
Tables by Tisch
Tallipi's Puppet Shop
Tarbash's Tasty Treats
Tavern of the Eternal Flame, Bar
Tephia's Toy Shop
Theo's Weaponry
Toivo's Fish and Tackle Shop, Showroom
Traps 'n Things
Traveler's Rest
Tzelazni's Pearls and Jewelry
Virula's Concoctions
Walli's World
Windows To The World
Winds of Change
Zakro's Smithy
Zaria's Forge
Zelote the Herbalist's Stall
Zeosite's Studio


Atlantis Deli
Anda's Vertshus
Artopoieio's Patisserie
Avant Garden
The Bean Counter
Benevolent Dictator Tearoom
Black Room
Blue Lotus Inn
Cafe Norseman
Cafe de Vine
Cargo Ship's Bar
Cask and Keg
The Champourker Chalet
Confection Shop
The Crimson Crustacean
Delta Samakmak
Demeter's Bounty Taverna
Demokratia Diner
Dusty's Cantina
The Emporer's Soup Kitchen
A Fishy Situation
Fleet Taverna
The Font
Fortune's Favor Taverna
Fruits of Plenty
Gargantu Inn, Feasting Room
Gelasia's Baked Goods
Goat's Head Tavern
Greegius Taverna
The Greek Korner
Habiba's Bar and Grill
Hardy's Restaurant
Hermes' Haven Tavern
Hero's Welcome
Hippia's Taverna
Inn of the Red Sands Tavern
Iris's Bar and Grill
Iurielle's Flower Confections
Kaddora Fishes
Kastella Gyros Stand
Kigstar's Retreat Tavern
The Known World Delphi Restaurant
Lefse's Imported Bread Shop
Making Waves
Maraku's Tavern
Margok's Tavern
Meat on a Stick
Niki's Tavern
Oinoe Inn Tavern Room
Olive and Ouzo Taverna
Olympian Dianthe Taverna
The Ouzo A Go-Go Bar
Pan on the Agora
Peabody Acres Taverna
Perikles Park Inn, Taproom
Potter's Shop
Quartered Archon Tavern
Roadside Floral
The Rogue's Den
The Seaside Cafe
Seiren's Call Alehouse
Sidney's Grill
Smile of Dionysus Wine Shop
Spiros' Taverna
Square Squid
Squid and Seahorse Restaurant
Stand of Kastorr
Stand of Young Dmitri
The Stags of Artemis Coffee House
Strings n' Things
Stuff It Taxidermy
Sweet Oblivi Inn Tavern
Tavern of the Rising Sun
Taverna on the Green
Three Sheets to the Wind Tavern
Togor's Deli
Tootie's Fruity Bar
Trading Post, Hashery
Transport Ticket Booths
Triptolemos' Quick Bites
Tulip Lounge
Tyrant's Folly Taverna
The Umber Thraex
Vase Stall
Waterfall's End Tavern
White House Inn and Restaurant
White Lotus Tea House
The White Orchid
Wild Oats Taverna
Worth a Thousand Words
Ye Olde Plataea Taverna
Yponomevo's Gem Shop

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