Masters of Stuff and Things

[Masters Of Stuff And Things]
Stacks of crates form a maze of tight passages and narrow corridors in this dark cluster of tiny stands. Everything from everywhere and more sits for sale somewhere within this mess. You also see The Root Cellar, The Dust to Dust Bowl, a small candle lined crate, a dusty door, The Blood and Guts Buffet and a small shadowed nook.
Obvious exits: northeast, out.

Inside the Root Cellar you see a sack of carrots, a sack of thorny roots, a sack of chickory roots, a sack of ginseng roots and a sack of mandrake roots.

Inside the Dust to Dust Bowl you see a bag of red garnet dust, a bag of blue-gray dust, some blue topaz dust, a bag of black obsidian dust, a bag of amber dust, some green zircon dust, a bag of white moonstone dust, a bag of gray marble dust, a bag of black onyx dust, a bag of rock-crystal dust, a bag of steel powder, a bag of golden-yellow dust, a bag of blue zircon dust, a bag of banded agate dust, a bag of red bloodstone dust, a sack of banded agate dust, a sack of steel powder, a bag of blue-green dust, a bag of violet zircon dust, a sack of golden-yellow dust, a bag of quartz dust and a sack of quartz dust.

Inside the candle lined crateyou see a grey candle, a red candle, a colored candle, a white candle, a green candle, a yellow candle, a candle, a blue candle, a rainbow candle and a black candle.

Inside the Guts Buffet you see a bucket of zombie blood, a bucket of rat eyes, a bucket of lion blood, a bucket of acid, a bundle of lynx skins, a bucket of bear fat, a bucket of mermel paws, a bundle of brown bear pelts, a bucket of wolf blood, a bundle of puma skins, a bucket of tiger whiskers and a bundle of grey fox tails.

Inside the shadowed nook you see a steel hook probe, a professional lockpick, a precision lockpick, a steel ratchet probe and a steel needle probe.

Northeast Room:
[Masters Of Stuff And Things]
Corridors of barrels and boxes stretch off into shadow in this dusty place. Little shops hide within nooks in the stacks like spiders waiting for passing prey. You also see a Ream to Remember stall, a caltrop pile, a mound of odd stuff, a candle lined crate, a tunnel, a symbol decorated bowl and bulk rate barrels.
Obvious exits: southwest.

Inside the Remember stall you see a humongous stack of parchments, a titanic stack of papers, a titanic stack of parchments, a humungous stack of papers, a massive stack of papers and a large stack of parchments.

Inside the caltrop pile you see a metallic yellow powder, a bundle of length of cords, a bundle of barbed caltrops, a coarse dark powder, a metallic gray powder, a metallic red powder, a gritty sparkly powder, a bundle of caltrops, a bundle of strong flashwires, a bamboo tube, a bundle of strong spiderwires, a metallic silvery powder, a crystalline silver powder, a bundle of camouflaged caltrops, a crystalline white powder and a fine black powder.

Inside the odd stuff you see a heavy steel dragon's breath warstaff.

Inside the lined crate you see a rainbow candle, a yellow candle, a blue candle, a candle, a green candle, a white candle, a black candle, a colored candle, a red candle and a grey candle.

Inside the decorated bowl you see an ibis symbol, a horse symbol, a sphinx symbol, an oasis symbol, a pyramid symbol, a cat symbol, a reed symbol and a camel symbol.

Inside the barrels you see a barrel of red ink, a barrel of black ink, a barrel of blue ink, a large barrel of olive oil, a large barrel of honey, a barrel of P12 honey-ginseng elixir, a barrel of cheap red wine, a barrel of gold water and a barrel of water.

You peer into a tunnel and see…
[Omh's Healing]
Obsidian stones fill a large courtyard, each piled with herbs set out to dry. One wide stone holds a pool of honey turning into crystaline gold. In the depths of a dark recess in a massive earthen wall sit many cots. Beyond them a wall filled to the top with jars stretches back into a long tunnel carved deep into the earth. The smell of water and living things wafts in from the tunnel and dances with that of honey and herbs until they rise off into the desert. You also see a small path.
Obvious paths: none.

NOTE: There is nothing to buy in Omh's Healing

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