Meat on a Stick

[Roman Agora]
Cages of wild and domestic animals line the street outside of the stoa. A merchant selling nondescript meat on a stick has set up his stand in close proximity to the beasts, thus raising the question of the day… where is that meat coming from exactly? A vegetable dealer hawks her wares directly across the road from a stand beneath the overhang of the stoa, nearly lost among the cages of animals seemingly kept here for no reason. You also see a grizzled old man selling meat on a stick, a tattered grease-slicked menu on a stick, a serving counter and a large vegetable cart with some stuff on it.

     Welcome to Meat on a Stick!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a saucy bit of seared meat on a stick
      2         3    a long piece of grisly meat on a stick
      3         3    a gnarled piece of red meat on a stick
      4         3    a skewered hunk of meatloaf
      5         3    a dripping piece of dark meat on a stick
      6         3    a rainbow-hued piece of meat on a stick
      7         3    a dried out piece of meat on a stick
      8         3    a stick of cubed mystery meat
      9         3    a juicy slab of red meat on a stick
     10         3    a pale bit of slimy meat on a stick
     11         3    a dripping fresh piece of meat on a stick
     12         3    a glistening piece of raw meat on a stick
     13         3    a chunk of tough lumpy meat on a stick
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