You learn these moves naturally as you train Melee. Different moves have higher or lower chances of hitting the target, as well more or less chance to cause critical damage. The number next to the move is the Melee skill you learn the move at.

Jab (0)- A very weak, very fast attack, it also has a high chance of hitting the enemy.

Swing (4)- The standard Melee attack. Good damage and good accuracy.

Thrust (30)- A slightly stronger melee attack than Swing but it's slightly slower.

Lunge (?)- A longer, more damaging attack than thrust.

Crush (80)- A heavy damaging, high accuracy attack, that carries a considerable RT. Best done with Blunt weapons.

Pommel Strike (100)- A fairly quick, medium damaging attack, that has a chance to strike twice.

Reverse Stroke (120)- A slightly faster, slightly more damanging version than Swing.

Spinning Strike (140)- A good damaging, slow attack, that has good accuracy.

Graze Cut (160)- A slow, two-hitting attack that does medium damage per strike.

Windmill (180)- A very fast, good damaging attack, one of the best.

Fulcrum Cut (200)- A medium fast, huge damaging attack that attacks the head.

Impale (220)- A extremely damaging, medium slow attack, that always hits the chest of the opponent. That is if your opponent has a chest.

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