Militia Building Second Floor

[Militia Building, Second Floor]
The floor is made of thick planks of cedar, finely sanded and polished in such a way as to preserve their soft sheen without creating a slippery surface. The walls are decorated with large bronze medallions depicting the Athenian owl and Athena Nike. In one corner sits a pile of books for instructing the troops in the ways of combat. You also see Magnilaus the militia shop owner.

1   a tattered battle manual                          Price 50        
2   a sturdy battle manual                            Price 150       
3   a crimson battle manual                           Price 400       
4   a pristine battle manual                          Price 900       
5   a leather battle manual                           Price 1850      
6   a scarred battle manual                           Price 3250      
7   a battered battle manual                          Price 4400      
8   a oak staff                                       Price 12        
9   a javelin                                         Price 14        
10  a pilum                                           Price 14        
11  a spear                                           Price 14        
12  a marlinspike                                     Price 16        
13  a pike                                            Price 20        
14  a trident                                         Price 50        
15  a halberd                                         Price 55        
16  a pair of bronze knuckles                         Price 69        
17  a spiked gauntlet                                 Price 75        
18  a pair of silver knuckles                         Price 108       
19  a spiked silver gauntlet                          Price 228       
20  a pair of iron knuckles                           Price 540       
21  a spiked iron gauntlet                            Price 1140      

22  a pair of steel knuckles                          Price 10800     
23  a spiked steel gauntlet                           Price 22800

Several items may be customized with a color.
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