Mutemwia's Magical Blossoms

[Mutemwia's Magical Blossoms]
Flowers of all kinds hang drying from the ceiling while others are kept fresh in glass cases along the walls of the shop. Baskets of greenery and assorted blossoms are scattered wherever there is room and sometimes even where there isn't. In the middle of this veritable floral jungle sprouts a bamboo counter behind which the proprietor of the shop keeps busy making various flower arrangements.

1   a huge yellow helianthus                          Price 7         
2   a brightly spiked celosia cristata                Price 12        
3   a bright purple matthiola                         Price 9         
4   a multicolored dahlia                             Price 8         
5   a mauve spiked statice                            Price 7         
6   a prickly thorned centaurea                       Price 5         
7   a blue spurred delphinium                         Price 10        
8   a golden yellow calendula officinalis             Price 7         
9   a richly hued strelitzia flower                   Price 10        
10  a birds of paradise orchid bouquet                Price 70        
11  an exotic red anthurium arrangement               Price 65        
12  a rose and gold aster flower wreath               Price 80        
13  a stuffed bear and rose bouquet                   Price 65      

14  a stuffed heart and rose bouquet                  Price 85        
15  a bright red chrysanthemum                        Price 24        
16  a white gomphrena flower                          Price 11        
17  a heart-shaped candle and rose arrangement        Price 95
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