Namit's Natural Supplies

[Namit's Natural Supplies]
Believing the goddesses provide all that is needed in their forests and mountains, the shopkeeper Namit collects and sells all natural animal-derived products to the community. Long bones, oddly colored skins and fresh animal parts cover a messy work table at the back of the shop, with a promise of more goods to come. Shelves of finely-crafted merchandise line the walls in cluttered profusion.

1   a supple deer bladder                             Price 160       
2   a purple bedbug bladder                           Price 150       
3   a ram horn spoon                                  Price 130       
4   a bone serving spoon                              Price 110       
5   a wolverine paw fork                              Price 135       
6   a badger paw fork                                 Price 120       
7   a bone long knife                                 Price 36        
8   a crab claw long knife                            Price 50        
9   a squirrel skull cup                              Price 50        
10  a polished hoof cup                               Price 60        
11  a triangular bone platter                         Price 130       
12  a dried wormskin platter                          Price 90        
13  an aardvark utensil pouch                         Price 75        
14  a blue tentacle utensil pouch                     Price 80        
15  an asp scale bowl                                 Price 120       
16  a thatched bone bowl                              Price 155      

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