Nature's Treasures

[Nature's Treasures]
A soft carpet of green pine needles covers the floor of this cozy shop, muffling all sound and giving the air a sharp, clean fragrance. The furniture on display in the room has been carefully crafted from forest debris, each piece evidence of the owner's harmonious relationship with the environment around him. You also see Alauron.

#     Price Item
1.       56 a multi-colored oak leaf carpet
2.       45 a spray of green oak leaves
3.       50 a wreath of autumn maple leaves
4.       54 a braided fern frond mat
5.       50 a pile of fresh green pine needles
6.       58 a twisted pine needle rug
7.      300 a hand-carved maple window
8.       52 a pile of soft-fronded ferns
9.       55 a wreath of fresh laurel leaves
10.     298 a moss-covered rock fireplace
11.      42 a circlet of dried mistletoe
12.     297 a gnarled oak-framed window
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