Neera's Necessities

[Neera's Necessities]
This tiny shop is nearly as colorful as its sign outside, piles of goods stacked on shelves rising from floor to ceiling. Knapsacks and backpacks, scabbards and sheaths, wineskins and baskets — all the things a well-seasoned traveler would need, Neera seems to have in stock. Although crowded with all kind of dry goods, her shop is clean and airy.

1   a sheath                                          Price 8
2   a leather scabbard                                Price 15
3   a knapsack                                        Price 10
4   a pouch                                           Price 3
5   a backpack                                        Price 14
6   a large sack                                      Price 5
7   a small sack                                      Price 3
8   a large scabbard                                  Price 25


Most items may be customized with a color, material or both.
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