Nelia's Weaver Shop

[Nelia's Weaver Shop]
The vaguely medicinal scent of dye, and a lingering smell of sheep enfolds the interior of this small shop. A set of steep stairs ascends to the second story of the building, and to the west of the entryway is a small storage room. Running along the west wall of the shop is a display counter spread with a small assortment of colorfully patterned rugs. You also see a young blonde girl.

#     Price Item
1.       67 a woven forest green rug
2.       67 a speckled grey and white rug
3.       67 a blue oval rug
4.       67 a thick black wool rug
5.       67 a soft white wool rug
6.       67 a woven taupe rug
7.       67 a scarlet red wool rug
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