New Content

Your first step in creating new content will be either opening up an existing page to edit or creating a new one from scratch. We'll cover opening a new page to edit first. There are two ways to do this. You may either use the drop down menu at the top (Admin -> Edit Page) or scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on Edit. This will take you into the page editor.

To create a page from scratch there are two easy ways and one really annoying way. So we'll skip the latter and cover the first two. One way to create a new page is to link to it in an existing page. Once the link is created, click on it and it will prompt you to create the new page. Another way is to simply append the URL in the address bar with the page you want to create. So, let's say you want to create a page called "Equal Rights For Discordian Ne'er-do-wells" you would put in the address bar Rights For Discordian Ne'er-do-wells and let the wiki engine do the processing of the text for you.

When linking to existing pages within the wiki you can simply enclose the name of the page with three brackets on each side or use a more complex bit of code that allows you to link to the page with custom text. So let's say you want to link to the "Basic Editing" page. You could put [[[Basic Editing]]] into the body of your text or you could do this @[[[Basic Editing |Page Creation and Editing Basics]]]@ and get custom text. Here is what those look like…

Basic Editing
Page Creation and Editing Basics

Notice how they both point toward the Basic Editing link even though the second one has its own specific text. What we try to do is keep our page names simple so that they can be linked easily in any page. For example: You want a page about The History of Dionysus. You would not call that page link The History of Dionysus, you would simply link to Dionysus. That way any time the name Dionysus appears in text we can easily link to his page. If we ever need to link to the page with the longer description we can just use the longer linking method.

You can also link to outside URLs. We always would like you to make sure when linking to these outside sites that you have them display in a new window. That way the person using the wiki isn't taken away from the wiki page. The way you do this is to surround the link in single brackets and place an asterisk in front of the URL. After the URL put a space then type out the text you want displayed for the link. For example: [* Alliance of Heroes]. Here is what that would look like…

Alliance of Heroes

All of these methods of linking can be access through a wizard in the editing bar of the editor. The URL Link Wizard allows you to set up the URL to link to, its displayed text, and choose the option to open on a new page easily. The Page Link option will take highlighted text and apply the triple brackets. The Page Link Wizard will allow you to specify the internal page you want to link to and create custom text that will show on the page rather than the link's actual page name. Use these until you are more comfortable doing it by hand.

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