Nittedal Bygd

[Midgard, Nittedal Bygd]
The night sky is full of stars shining down upon a wooden water wheel. Its long blades shimmer from the water that pushes them around and around. Hardly visible in the darkness of the evening is the long wavy grass that covers the little knoll. In the stillness of the evening, only the roar of the water falling to the ground can be heard.

The village is very small and boasts a handful of shops, but it is mostly overrun with vikings. It can be a bit of a perilous journey, but it is said the jewelry for sale is worth the danger. Just hope that you don't get jumped on the way back by bandits!

Behind the scenes:
Modern day Nittedal Bygd is a village northeast of Oslo, Norway. Bygd, in fact, means village in Norwegian.


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