November 1998

November 28 - Seems anacondas and other assorted snakes invaded the gate tonight, lucky thing for all them folks with thick tongues compliments of Hades. Since the folks are cured now I take it the invasion was successful, for us at least. Now if we could only find them out in the wilds, we can't depend on an invasion everytime someone gets a lisp. Then later a bunch of rats, lynxes, bobcats, wolves, red bears, and get this…giant ratcatchers, attacked the gate also. While the animals were attacking us we were treated to several bad puns, such as the following: "A voice comes from the well, "Well you know what they say… Hera today, gone tomrorow." and "And when you felis you canis stanis no more it gets ursine than you thought!"

Then who else showed up but our good friend Collin who sent a single savage and an assasin to attack us after having a nice chat at the gate. Another assasin came later, attacked Vaftel long enough to poison him pretty badly, and ran off. The poison wouldn't wear off so we had Garrock and Melodone frantically mixing cures for 15 minutes until it finally stopped 6 elixirs later. We can't be too sure if this was Collin's doing, someone we don't even know of yet, or one of Nisha's assasins…there's a name we haven't heard in a while. Then a bunch of rogues came with poisoned daggers but only managed to poison Seyton and I, while it was only a nausea poison it was still painful, and seemed like it lasted forever. Some had poisoned greatswords too that put Melodone and I to sleep, we nearly had a trip to Hades with that one. And as if that wasn't enough, seems Laphiera ran away during the ruckus, she has now taken up residence north of the Peiraic gates.

November 27 - Happy Thanksgiving! The poor weeping skeleton showed up again tonight, this time at the gate, sobbing and making little sense as he did before at the masquerade ball. He weeped and cried and kept repeating "No peace…no peace" and saying that Alec needed help and when folks asked where Alec was he'd point north. We still have no idea who this Alec is, we thought it was the skeleton's name before but I guess we were wrong.

November 26 - Vaftel, Skorche, and I went exploring in the Thebes area and decided to go see the bacchae's lair since Skorche hadn't seen it. When we found the NPC Bacchae, she had changed…she is no longer calmed, we thought this odd but blamed it on some quirk in the system. When we go to the room in which Bacchus was supposedly "vanquished" by Fox, the portal was gone, his altar gone, and along with the altar…the dreamstone vial that Fox wore that had been on the afore mentioned altar was also gone. All that was left in the room were some wooden splinters lying scattered on the floor, bits of reddish hair caught in them, suspiciously the same color as Fox's. What this means we can only guess…was Bacchus' death faked by Fox…"The Mistress of Illusions"? We can't know for sure…be on guard.

November 24 - Those little spiders that everyone swears we're imagining showed up again tonight plaguing a few of us at the gate, some even biting and nearly killing us. Then, as if to prove their existence to everyone else, giant spiders attacked us at the gate. After we dispersed of a goodly sum of those the shadowy voice came back and started taunting us but left as soon as Fedmire showed up, saying it was time for dinner. A few minutes later Fedmire was heard on the socra stone saying "man is she hot" or some such, so we can guess it was that "shadow hussy" as Melodone so eloquently put it.

November 21 - Not quite sure the order of events or what all happened but I am guessing Autloycus showed up and showed people the way to the Grandfather Oak, located past the pass in cheetahs and maenads, where they got some golden sticks and then he led the group to Hades. Once in Hades they found Orpheus who played his lyre and snapped Fox out of her bacchae tendencies, Fox then somehow managed to defeat Bacchus and thus free herself from his torment forever, we hope. So, the pass is now open, hyenas, red bears, and timberwolves run around there, but Thebes is still quarantined I fear, and Fox is finally saved!

November 20 - Night showed up tonight at the gate to seemingly reinforce what Fatima told us the other day. She said that we needed to find that tree to help save Fox. She said in the top-most branches of this tree we will find "your boon" and to take two, she kept stressing that we remember to take two, and that this tree is the first place to go before attempting to get into the underworld while still alive. She also told us another key to the underworld was a cake made of the sweetest hoiney, again telling us to bring two and that we'd know when to use them and for what.

And Fedmire also managed to talk Poseidon into getting him out of the well. He arrived in a puff of smoke and sat down and proceeded to chat with everyone at the gate. When he left he grabbed Melodone and gave her back her perfect rose.

When Fedmire left the spiders got active again. Melodone and I saw a lot of them…some crawled out of her ears, I had some pretty nasty bumps grow on my arms and start oozing puss and spiders, she saw me drooling something brown, we saw spiders crawling out of a hole in Vaftel's head…pretty disturbing stuff. Just when everyone thought we were crazy everyone saw a shadow of a huge spider form on the ground and disappear. Could one of the gods be mad at us over the rose that Fedmire says he got from a god's garden? Who knows…

News news news…seems Wayland , Pythos and Garrock also found the new alchemist shop in Midgard tonight (west and northwest of the Falske Gudders shrine), all sorts of new scrolls there for you guys, and pretty cheap too…and he sells beautiful satchels and pouches! Check my Midgard price list for more details on what they have.

November 18 - A new area opened up a bit northwest of the town of Piraeus. There are a couple fishing spots, a clearing where folks can dance and such, a lovely cabin surrounded by clover and other various flowers. Seems there's also cutthroats and robbers in this area, finally a nice spot for folks to hunt things with treasure between rowdies and bandits. All in all, a lovely area…I'm sure the centaur alchemists'll love it, all the herbs and clover laying about, even a platform in a tree that can hold their weight! See the Library to download the map of the new area (Wilds 5).

November 16 - Fatima showed up tonight, I'm not quite sure what all happened as all the stories I heard were mixed up and jumbled, but Vaftel said she told him he needed to save Fox. She told them they needed to find something a mortal dog would chase, but worth a lot, in a tree as wide as Bonk or some such. She also mentioned that we needed to find Autolycus, who whispered to a couple of us before we went trapsing off to Midgard on a wild-tree chase and wasn't heard from again.

November 15 - Be careful when departing from the underworld now, seems Hades has gotten a sense of humor now and will curse you if you depart. I'm not sure what all can happen but people have shown up with lisps, warts, swarms of bugs that follow them around, odd smells, hiccups, and various other problems and deformities. Seems you may need an alchemist to cure you too, with formulas I'm not sure that they have yet or not.

November 14 - Seems Collin finally showed his face again tonight, doing his normal thing…attacking us and running home defeated. All I really know is that he attacked with soldiers, savages, and some kind of hounds…not sure of anything besides that. It just sounds like another normal night for Collin.. It is good to see him back though! (note the last sentence was a tad sarcastic)

November 13 - Another bad morning for Fedmire as we ran to his aid to find him locked in the cage in the tree of horrors. After a good while of killing wolves and conversing by the infamous "voice in the shadows" trying to free Fedmire somehow, the voice finally said he'd let Fedmire go and did just that…right into the pit under the cage. Well, this brought us all to yelling at him, and we had nowhere else to go since the exits were blocked. But seems the voice can't take hearing the truth, and doesn't play fair since it silenced me before I could get to the juicy parts of my tongue lashing. But, the quill is mightier as they say, so I resorted to writing notes, so the stupid thing froze me too. Not that I was worse off in the group by far, as Vaage was struck with a bolt of lightning and turned to a pile of ash. Just as I was able to move again the coward ran off and let us out, minutes later at the well, poor Fedmire's voice could be heard…once again trapped in its watery depths. Last we heard he was going to Poseidon to call in a favor.

November 11 - Seems rogues all over the lands were approached by a small man today who dashed into the room , pressing notes into their hands. Some of them read different from others, but here's the basic gist of it, "The time approaches when your prowess shall make you worthy to learn the arts of the King. Seek further guidance in the alleys of Athens." Well, we ran to the infamous "counter room" and the counter's description has changed! Could this be a guild for the rogues, could this "King" be the King of Thieves himself? Well, Klepto himself showed up later, telling me to be quiet you know how inquisitive I can be, and told the people to stick to learning from him or get an older rogue to protect them when dealing with the counter, then left. Seems they got in and kicked me out , and although I know what happened, I'll be curteous anyway and not blab it all up here.

November 8 - Fedmire showed up yet again, doing alterations in Midgard as a half dozen or so folk clambered onto the ship to try and catch him. Of course as soon as the gangplank was let down we hear the Fedmire has closed shop. But seems as he closed shop he started panicing, asking to be hid and then a bolt of lightning struck him dead. So of course a bunch of us die again to go help him, but here's the interesting part…Fedmire fell off the high arched bridge and died…literally..ghostly voice, dead body and all. So we sit there, doing our best to revive him when who should show up but Hades himself…quite the gentleman if I might add. He brought Fedmire back to semi-life, and asked politely that we not disturb him anymore as it's hard on the souls who are stuck there forever and he has work to do.

A few minutes later Perizada showed up at the gate with her son, Kedar, who she's trying to teach to be civil to paying customers…seems he was learning but he still slipped up a lot. He sold us delicate red rosebuds that he says we can pluck to find out if folks love us or not or some such. I've never heard of this strange ritual, defacing flowers to read minds, but if it works…by all means pluck!

November 6 - Fedmire showed up early this morning, seemingly in good spirits and asking for Melodone. When she showed up he took back the rose he gave her, saying that he was in trouble and had to hide it, but that he should be fine. An hour or so later we see "* Fedmire was just ripped apart piece by piece". A few moments later he was on the socra stone asking for help out of Hades, so of course a bunch of us died to go save him. I kinda got stuck, so Vaftel kept me informed of the rest. Seems after a few falls in the Styx by Fedmire, they finally make it out and somehow Fedmire got separated from the group. So they go searching for him again, getting poisoned by spiders and other various insects when a voice from the shadows threatens them, telling them that all who help Fedmire shall live to regret it. Well, after that Fedmire died once again, and that's all we know so far.

November 5 - Seems some people walked into the room at the well as a booming voice thundered at Sylar today, "Sylar now you'll make all the hero's pay for your blasphemy and I'll have to kill you as an example." And he died…I don't know much beyond that except Skorche took up his staff and started doing silly tribal dances around the well trying to protect the city, which angered a snake that apparently lives under our well that sent Skorche running to hide behind Melodone. If you know anything else about this strange turn of events, let me know by all means.

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