November 1999

November 24 - Someone, or something, uncovered a previously hidden mausoleum in the Graveyard early this afternoon. A loud crash was heard near the graveyard and then upon inspection a hole was discovered in a thick bit of vines to the northeast of the graveyard gate that led to a mausoleum. It's full of prowlers, zombies, skeletons, and asps and I have a Mausoleum Map posted in my Map Section for your exploring pleasure.

November 23 - I must apologize for the tardiness of my updates, here's a small recap. If I left anything out please let me know! Over the past week or so we have seen numurous strange happenings at the gate along with a nasty empusa. For those who don't know, these are vampire like critters that feed on people's blood, demons of Hecate their only reason for being is feeding… oh yeah and they can morph into other creatures and people too just to make things interesting, hehe. Let's see, Norticles graced us with visits from his royalness, Xena and Gabrielle cristened a placard at the gate paying tribute to the mentors, and Autolycus, Ares, and Salmoneus all made appearances at the auction. All this along with scattered invasions from snakes and vineyard workers and strange bumps in the night round off another eventful couple of weeks in Athens.

November 6 - Woohoo! Fatima showed up at the gate this afternoon begging people for help or some such, then what should show up but a bunch of pirates, swabbies, and old tars. Not sure all the details, but sooner or later people were lead to a new dock in Piraeus by Themistocles' Crypt that gave passage to Egypt! I have marked the dock on my Piraeus map and have a map of Alexandria all ready to go in the map section. Hunting areas are done now also! Alexandria Wilds map and Underneath Well map are both on the map page as well. Shopping Guides as well as additions to my Food Guide (look for Egyptian food at the bottom) are up in the Library. Also made additions to my Trainer List and Drinking Guide to reflect the discovery of Alexandria.

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