November 2001

November 10 - Sid's trial proceeded as planned. Dissonos stayed relatively silent throughout the entire proceedings, the Orator Anopses was the one who presented all of the accusations. Gnosis was the magistrate, and Callagus kept the peace as captain of the guard. Sid's Lawyer, Perimasonius, was considered by most to be incompetent. Anopses claimed that Sid was responsible of the arson and poisonings on August 18th of this year. The evidence consisted of a hastily-dug cellar under Sid's bar that contained letters addressed to, "S." Which most consider to be Sid, though there is debate on that point. The letters were addressed from "I" "A" And "B". Sid claimed completely innocence and said he did not know who those people were. A chalice matching that which was stolen at Dissonos's party and a clear poison was found under the floorboards in the front room of Sid's bar.

Thaiseo took the stand for questioning, claiming to be the go-between for Sid and the waitress which Dissonos hired for the party. One question that many wondered on, hoever, is why Thaiseo remains free if he admits to be part of the conspiracy? If Sid is guilty, one would assume that Thaiseo would be as well. Sid claimed that had never seen Thaiseo before the trial.

Other questions raised were on the complete dismissal of the evidence of the cloaks with the Athenian militia isignias on them that were found at the crimescene, as well as the death of the pretty waitress at Dissonos's party. Who killed her? Was it part of Thaiseo's Job? The jury was also perplexed by being refused to see the chalice as well as the letters and the poison. The Jury was given five minutes to discuss the trial at the end, and 8 out of 9 voted 'not-guilty', winning the majority. Gnosis over-turned the Jury's decision, however, finding Sid guilty. Sid was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor and Athens confiscated his bar after Sid refused to name any other names, insisting that he was innocent.

The Citizens of Athens were mostly outraged, crying out, "FIXED!" among other things. Rumors abound that the magistrate was bribed, and nothing seems to contradict this. Thaiseo snuck off in the yelling. One unexplained comment from Perimasonius has left many suspicious. After Gnosis stated that Athens would get the bar, Perimasonius whined,"But I thought I'd get it as part of the guilty party's assets!" Some consider this a confession of the trial being rigged.

Sid began losing his wits shortly afterwards, welcoming people to his bar, and talking about the grand new menu. The stress and despair had apparently gotten to him. Some have pointed this out as an indication of his innocence, for he was shocked at the lack of justice. Captain Callagus came and took him to jail. Athenians are divided on the issue, and some are considering finding a way to free Sid. There are many things left unanswered, and many inconsistencies and half-truths that were used in the trial.

November 8 - Better known as the bartender of the Hero's Welcome, Sid has beeen accused of being an accomplice in the poisonings of innocents at Dissonos's party, as well as helping to burn down the shops of the Northwest Quadrant. He now sits in jail, awaiting his trial tomorrow, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Dissonos and his assistant Apaturia have based the accusation on the fact that Dissonos's chalice (Which was stolen at the party) was found within Sid's bar. Poison matching that of what was used at the party was also found. For now, the Hero's welcome is closed, and Athenians wait anxiously for the Magistrates decision. Should you decide to attend the trial, please act in appropiate and respectful behavior.

By now, most know of the supposed-immortal named Grigoros. Rumors abound that he is a vampire or some other creature which we can't name. He has brainwashed several Athenians, and continues to threaten death if one refuses to follow him. Dissonos has said he'd help us with Grigoros. A band of Athenians have gotten together to form ideas to vanquish Grigoros and vow that he will be destroyed.

Grigoros is capable of mind control and forcing mortals to do what he wishes. He can also brainwash a person, forcing them to become his followers. He has promised death to whoever does not follow him. He is probably a pre-titan immortal, which means his powers are extensive. He CAN be harmed, but that does not prove he can be killed.

Invasions of dark stalkers, pirates, and golems have abounded lately in Athens. The Dark stalkers have left behind a mystery. Crude Bronze Amulets were found. An image of an open eye is pressed onto the amulets, and when they are rubbed shadows cling to the person.

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