The Semi-Retired Bounty Hunter

Hailing from Sparta, Nychta arrived in Athens searching for the assassin that killed her father. It has since been revealed that it was no assassin at all, but rather her own brother, Soltys, and mentor, Remmish, who were responsible for her father's death. An impossible gambler and reprobate, Soltys apparently got in too deep with his father's enemies, and it was either kill his father or lose his own life. Remmish assisted him, much to Nychta's dismay. Nychta had earlier laid the blame on a man named Enanskios, due to certain incriminating objects found in his possession, but he has been proven (relatively) innocent of involvement.

Rubertius, a mad man from Nychta's past, was also tormenting the bounty hunter from the shadows, claiming he would use her and the Athenians in his experiments. It would seem that this man enjoyed experimenting on humans with acid, and a village hired Nychta to bring him in. The village didn't kill him off, however, and now Rubertius was back for revenge. He was finally killed, however, when he attempted to kidnap Nychta and a few Athenians for presumably nefarious purposes.

Did You Know?

  • Nychta means "Night" in Greek, a fitting meaning for a woman who spends her time hunting down criminals.
  • Nychta's home town, Sparta, and Athens were quite the enemies in Ancient Greece. Though they allied a few times, for the most part, Spartans and Athenians despised each other. Fortunately, Nychta seems to have developed a fondness for Athens, so city rivalry isn't an issue.
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