[Midnight's at the Oasis]
A number of fans line the ceiling with palm frond blades whirling quickly, helping to drive away the heat and stir up the apple scented smoke coming from the shiisha in the back corner of the room. Music drifts lazily through the smoky air as someone plucks out a rousing tune on a lyre somewhere in the depths of the tavern. A large carving of Khonsu adorns the rear wall, his arms outstretched as if in greeting. You also see Midnight, the Oasis' menu, a serving counter, a roughly carved arch and a tawla board.

     Welcome to Oasis!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         7    a tangy lamb shawirma
      2         7    some honey sweetened laban zabadi
      3         7    some lemon-grilled samak
      4         7    a bowl of lamb torly
      5         5    a plate of grilled pigeon
      6         5    a bowl of garlic molokhia soup
      7         4    a steaming mug of ahwa
      8         4    an earthenware mug of marzen
      9         5    a tall glass of asiir lamoon
     10         6    some chilled burtu'aan asiir
     11         9    a shot of zibib
     12         5    a steaming cup of karkaday
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