Octavia's Scentorium

[Thebes, North Kadmeia Road]
Blue and white striped awnings line either side of the road, leaning from narrow whitewashed buildings. The floors of the buildings above the awnings are the homes of the shopkeepers whose wares are on display at street-level in a disarray of bright colors and heady aromas. You also see a brightly decorated building.

1   a crumbling linen scroll                          Price 24        
2   a pale pink linen scroll                          Price 6         
3   a feathery black linen scroll                     Price 40        
4   a gold-edged linen scroll                         Price 30        
5   a spice-scented linen scroll                      Price 16        
6   a scallop-edged scroll                            Price 12        
7   a dusky blue scroll                               Price 10        
8   a lace-edged scroll                               Price 18        
9   a sunshine-yellow scroll                          Price 14        
10  a pale ivory scroll                               Price 20        
11  a bright mint-green scroll                        Price 4         
12  a muted golden scroll                             Price 8         

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