October 1998

October 31 - We had a wonderful masquerade ball, except for a few minor squabbles when the talking skeleton showed up and certain parties attacked and killed him causing hordes of them to attack us. The rooms were beautiful, looked straight out of an Edgar Allen Poe story…wait it was! Hehe, congrats to whoever had that idea, I loved it…and the actual story went over great when I told it, had folks shakin in their boots. The food was great, the drinks were great…except for the minor case of poisoning from an unkown source. All in all, a great party!

And also today, fishing went live! Woohoo! Yes, we can take our place with the fishing greats now at most any water source that isn't too shallow or too deep. The poles themselves need to be carved, but the other accessories such as tackle boxes, line, stringers, and hooks can be bought at Bertrum's located on fisherman's Alley in Piraeus. Check out my guide to see what you can catch, and to find out what it is exactly…watch out for them tigerfish!

October 30 - Fedmire showed up last night with Seliana and sold us some nifty scarves! And while Fedmire was here Melodone managed to sweet talk him into doing some alterations for us folks that have missed him the last 2 visits! Woohoo! And then no sooner does Fedmire leave than the mask merchant opens up just south of Metis circle. Judging from the masks, Saturday night should be a blast.

October 25 - Well the concert was tonight and, as many of you may have guessed, it didn't go off too smoothly. But the trouble many of us expected came in a form that none of us could have foretold. After a few wonderful songs by Raven we were rudely interupted by "The Mistress of Illusion" as the doors to the theater were latched on us. Well, some folks sat back and enjoyed the show anyway, while those of us who saw the first performance knew who was hiding behind that disguise. After Fox revealed herself she continued her little show by getting volunteers from the audience to perform such amazing tricks as getting eaten by sharks while trying to escape a tank of water, or spinning on a wheel and having knives thrown at them (and into them), and then there was the old get in the cage with a tiger trick and the disappear and get beat up trick…not to mention the be locked in an air-tight box with no lock and a crude lockpick trick. So after stealing the show, and a few souls, she made her exit and set her army of bacchae and wolves on us. The end.

October 24 - Well, we've had our first major visit by a god! Yes Ares paid Athens a visit tonight saying he's placed wagers against us with the other gods that we can't defeat his new prospects in battle, and that we couldn't even find them! So after a bit of wandering, and a bit of Ares' quips, a port in Piraeus was found that lead to Midgard, Norway! Yes that's right, we have a new area to explore…new stores to shop in, new beasties to battle (vikings), and we get to give our mules a break because they were nice enough to supply us with, yes, reindeer! Keep an eye out for maps on my page, yes I know..I haven't even gotten Annavysos mapped yet…but I will! And keep an eye out for new shopping guides and updates to my weapons and armor section to reflect this huge move to the North.

October 20 - We have books! Porcupine found a couple laying in the street late this afternoon and let me use one. I'm not quite sure how they work yet or if they are a storyteller only thing since I haven't really had the time, or dinars, to play with them yet. From what I can tell, and from what I've been told, they are sort of like a puppet/parchment hybrid that allows us to get experience for telling non-fame stories. They are being sold at Gwithian's for 40 dinars a pop.

October 17 - Another cloth message was delivered to us tonight by a young bacchae that read "NOW!" After the message delivery to Faetes, the night was riddled with attacks by other young bacchae and dire wolves. Could this be a threat from Fox? And if so…why is it coming to us in pieces, perhaps she just feels like playing with us before she does whatever she's planning on doing to us. Who knows…

We also have a few new (well new to my events page) shops for buying home supplies out there. They've been added to my newly updated Athens Maps so be sure to check those out too.

And on a sadder note ,we lost one of our premier storytellers today…Willow left us in search of the mythical lands of Elanthia. Perhaps we should wish her well…but maybe if it doesn't go so good she'll come back to us! We'll miss you Willow!

I'd also like to take this moment to tell Kor and Gimli that we'll be missing them too and that we hope everything works out so that they can come back to us as soon as possible. Keep well friends, you will be missed…

October 11 - Gads, well after over a month of pulling hair from my head (not to mention pulling hardware from my computer) I'm finally back on. Let's recap what's gone on in the last few weeks I was away…OK, Collin attacked a few times of course, and it sounds like Fox is helping him now, something about them being a couple now . There were also a few merchants, not to mention the big Auction last night. Perizada showed up selling balloons and scarves and worry beads (slightly different from the first beads and scarves she sold) and Fedmire came and did some alterations and sold a few toys.

The auction seemed to be a huge success, for those that made it anyway, extraordinary items were going for outrageously low prices. We also had a visit from a Hercules, Xena, and Salmoneus when Vaftel found the Gold Star, congrats Vaftel! Lessee…fireplaces work now, a few new stores opened (I will find out where and post them), hmmm…that's not all that happened, but I hit on most of the major things and you guys prolly all know the rest anyway, hehe. Since I'm back I'll be keeping this page updated again, no more months of no news, hopefully.

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