October 1999

October 31 - More happenings of the sort that happened yesterday afternoon occured early this morning. Sounds like it was lots of critters, some stubborn undead that didn't want to stay down, a few talking animals and some haunted boxes. That mist was back too and more grapevines dragging off critters during the battle. A few falling weapons injured folks and some were killed and poisoned by… well, nothing, nothing that we could see at least. Thanks once again Gabit for the update.

October 30 - All sorts of happenings this afternoon. It all started on a storyteller hunt when scream were heard in the Tiamat Vineyard. Following them they found a bunch of centurions beating up on a merchant and his little girl. During the fight they scampered off to safety but the centurions called for backup as they fell. Then came soldiers and mercenaries and a mighty tough berserker. When heading back to Athens a white tiger was encountered too, when it died some sort of mist came from it… a mist they saw in the vineyard accompanied by an ominous chuckling rustling through the vines or some such.

Back in Athens while getting boxes picked a wooden coin started spinning on the ground then shot off out of the room. It was seen doing various things almost all day, rolling through rooms and ricocheting off of buildings before rolling into the well. While trying to pick boxes they fell to the floor and popped open or bashed themselves through walls and on wells and people's backpacks were snapping shut by themselves. As if this weren't enough, a menagerie of critters attacked the gate including dingos, sun bears, and a talking myrmidon that just didn't want to die. I guess it's that time of year, thanks for the news Gabit.

October 24 - Sounds like there was an invasion of whelps, dogs, and wolves or some such at the gate one of these days. I haven't heard much beyond that except that there was a big mix up with weapons getting dropped and general rioting. The next day King Norticles was seen doing his normal thing, appointing new advisors and decreeing new laws for the betterment of his people. Again I didn't hear much about these events more than that they happened so additional information is always good.

October 12 - Our favorite King of Athens, Norticles, showed up at the gate tonight with several pronouncements and general silliness. First he decreed that "all you layabouts shall no longer layabouts… henceforth you will be sitabouts!" Then he sang a song, quite good I might add, and declared that "Crambo" was to be the word of the day. After declaring Tkeeri to be the minister of tarts that roam the forest or some such, he bade his loyal subjects adieu and swept off in that royal way only Norticles can pull off. Thanks for the update Leanna.

October 6 - Lubricus attacked at the gate this afternoon and it seems he has a cold since he was coughing and sneezing the entire time. He also had a shovel with him and was dressed in black, which I'm told the pale warrior that showed up a bit back was talking about… a black man digging in his grave or some such. He said he was there looking for lost sheep and that if we saw them to tell them to come home because he has a surprise for them. Later that night Perizada came with an assistant named Clytie who she apparently adopted, there was no sign of the ever charming Kedar. She did a bunch of alterations while trying to hook her daughter up with the eligible men of Athens. Thanks for the update Leanna.

October 5 - Looks like a bear cub showed up at the gate today, and determined not to make the same mistake as last time with the wolf pup, everybody did their best to hold back and not kill it. People followed it around and tried to feed it while Gojita poked at it and finally got fed up and killed it. Well, live and learn, over a dozen cave bears fell down upon him, he ran into a temple but they waited. He came out and they had their revenge and left without harming anyone else. Learn from other people's mistakes guys ;). Thanks Nyl!

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