October 2001

October 26 - Autolycus was practicing being the mentor of fishing last night, and spent the night socializing about the finer aspects of reeling in the bait.

Grigoros, a relatively new figure in town, is apparently responsible for the invansions of cultists and fanatics lately. He makes a habit of forcing people to do his bidding, and he claims to be a god. It is rumored that he may be a vampire, but this reporter can not say yes or no to that claim. He has warned us that if we do not agree to follow him, he and his will kill us. He is also threatening the death of the Olympian, Norse, and Egyptian gods.

October 14 - As most of you know, the Pink Puma Diamond was shown on October 6th. For those of you who missed it, the thief Ikarios managed to snatch the diamond right from Aristokles's (The Owner) hands. The exits were blocked off, so Ikarios was forced to try to remain hidden in the Palace Gardens. He was caught within the hour, however, and the diamond was returned to Aristokles. Ikarios was then ushered to jail. Aigisthos, security, made an apology for doubting the Athenians, but still revealed he quite disliked us. As a reward for catching the thief, the Pink Puma remained on display an extra week.

Autolycus made an appearance the other night, mostly just to chat. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, also deigned to visit the Athenians after there were talking corpses at the gate, among other things. Spirits, corpses, skeletons, and the like all made their appearance yesterday. The well also caught fire, as well as invisible things (And Athenians) decaying into compost.

Normius's wagon can be found on the Diamond Estate's lawn, and he was around altering for a bit the other night. Perizada, her son Kedar, were also around altering. Rio was apparently reinforcing armor. From what I've heard, this seems to lesson the damage done to yourself.

There have also been miscellaneous invasions at the Peiraic Gate.

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