[Oinoe, Hei Road & Toellanbac Way]
Unpleasant odors emanate from the contents of a bog that is not quite hidden by a recently constructed wall to the northeast. Hiding the stench would be impossible, so evidently someone tried for the next best thing — hiding the sight of the putrid mess. Hearing the pops and hisses, you can almost see the bubbles forming on the noxious surface, growing larger and more fetid-smelling until they finally pop.

There is much mention of a village called Oinoe on the road to Thebes in Attica, but there seems to be little detail about the village itself. There was a cave nearby called the Cave of Pan, which was dedicated to the god after he helped the Athenians. The word Oinoe is derived from oinos which is a type of wine. This small village lies southwest along the road to Thebes and is the home to our annual ice skating rink and the world renowned doll shop.


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