Olive and Ouzo Taverna

[Olive and Ouzo Taverna]
The taverna is dark and narrow, cramped with thick-legged wooden stools and tables. Torches in iron brackets bound to the walls provide enough light to ensure that the patrons can identify the friends sitting at their own tables, but not necessarily the others seated nearby. You also see Meliantha the barmaid.

     Welcome to Olive and Ouzo Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         4    a loaf of olive bread
      2         4    a slice of watermelon
      3         6    some half-shell oysters
      4         5    a grilled lamb sandwich
      5         4    a cup of raspberry lemonade
      6         5    a glass of blackberry liqueur
      7         5    a glass of red wine
      8        10    a shot of ouzo
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