Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Using a variety of different folds and techniques, you can take a perfect square (usually) of paper and create anything from flapping birds to realistic flowering roses. The paper is generally a bright color or design on one side with the other side blank white or a vastly contrasting color so that the colors stand out on one another in the finished product.

In AoH you must use a specific type of paper for origami that may be found in Gwithian's Song Supplies in Athens Southeast Quadrant. This paper is called a sqaure of papyrus. When you order you may pick a variety of colors for 3 dinars a sheet.

There are five different levels of origami that seem to work off of a combination of music/art skill and gadgeteering. Three can be done with no skill and will be covered below. Once you get a couple of folds into a creation, you will quickly realize if you have the skill required or not. Once you make the first fold, your papyrus turns into a papyrus model. If you want to go back to a piece of papyrus to start over you can rub it. This will weaken the sheet and make the resulting model have fewer uses before it falls apart, but at least it isn't a total loss.

The verbs you use to fold are as follows:

Turn Twist Pull Push Roll
Cut Open Close Pleat Crimp
Fold* Crease Tuck Shape Sink

* Folds come in a variety of styles: Mountain, Valley, Normal and Reverse. They are done by typing FOLD papyrus <TYPE>.

The following are the items we can create with origami ingame. They will be shown in levels from 0-5. This does not indicate any sort of player or skill level, it is just a rating of difficulty.

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

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