Palace Of Mystery The Owl Bar

[Palace of Mystery, The Owl Bar]
A large bar fashioned to look almost like a covered bridge takes up the entire west wall of this room, its roof perched with stuffed owls similar to the one downstairs at the entrance to the estate. Three pairs of tall oak doors leads past a red carpet into what must be an immense auditorium beyond, a frame between each holding a poster promising feats of awe and wonder to behold within. A lounge sits off to the north where people can enjoy their drinks between acts. You also see a bartender, a drink menu, a pair of tall oak doors and a large bar with some stuff on it.

1   a fairgrounds caramel apple martini            Price 22    
2   a rosey plum sour martini                      Price 22  
3   a dirty martini                                Price 22 
4   a dry martini                                  Price 22
5   an apple sour cocktail wand                    Price 11   
6   a top hat gentleman's gin and sour             Price 15     
7   a glass of top shelf whiskey on the rocks      Price 20
8   a shot of high shelf scotch                    Price 20
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