Palace of Piraeus, Coffee and Gift Shop

[Palace of Piraeus, Coffee and Gift Shop]
The dark shop has bronze sconces situated around the room to spotlight the products for sale while still making it a cozy and relaxing place to spend a little time enjoying a vanilla latte or catching up on the local news. The walls are done in a deep orange stucco with brown travertine tiles sweeping across the floor. Ambient light flows down from a complicated chandelier of twisted wrought iron, the shades over the flames fashioned of yellow quartz to provide an almost ethereal glow. You also see a young clerk, a coffee bar with some stuff on it, a granite-topped counter with three flavored syrup stations on it, a long granite-topped table with three tea chests on it, a juice bar with some stuff on it, a coffee menu, a display case stuffed with fresh baked goods and a low shelf with some stuff on it.

1   a cup of coffee                                               Price 13     
2   an iced coffee                                                Price 13       
3   a shot of espresso                                            Price 15        
4   a tall latte                                                  Price 16       
5   a frothy cappuccino                                           Price 17       
6   a cup of hot water                                            Price 12       
7   a thick frappe                                                Price 16      
8   a tall hazelnut steamer                                       Price 12    
9   a tall amaretto steamer                                       Price 12       
10  a double shot of espresso                                     Price 20      
11  a single shot of espresso                                     Price 16     
12  a cup of strong black coffee                                  Price 10       
13  a steaming mug of chai tea                                    Price 14       
14  a cup of Piraeus house blend coffee                           Price 12       
15  a mug of spiced apple cider                                   Price 12
16  a steaming mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows             Price 11       
17  a cup of sunset oolong tea                                    Price 12
18  a tall caramel mocha latte with cinnamon                      Price 16
19  a white chocolate mocha topped with whipped cream             Price 16        
20  a steaming cafe mocha topped with whipped cream               Price 16      
21  a glass of strawberry and kiwi juice                          Price 18     
22  a glass of mango and banana juice                             Price 18       
23  a cold glass of blended four berry juice                      Price 18       
24  a glass of peach juice blended with pear and apricot          Price 18       
25  a tall banana smoothie blended with blueberries               Price 18
26  a large cranberry nut muffin                                  Price 10
27  a large lemon poppy seed muffin                               Price 10
28  a chewy onion bagel                                           Price 10 
29  a large banana nut muffin                                     Price 10
30  a large blueberry muffin                                      Price 10
31  a large raisin bran muffin                                    Price 10
32  a plain cream cheese bagel                                    Price 10
33  a fresh blueberry scone                                       Price 10
34  a fresh cinnamon scone                                        Price 10
35  a chewy blueberry bagel                                       Price 10
36  a sticky cinnamon roll                                        Price 10
37  a stuffed regal purple baby dragon                            Price 250
38  a stuffed bright blue baby dragon                             Price 250
39  a stuffed heavy grey baby dragon                              Price 250
40  a stuffed sleek black baby dragon                             Price 250
41  a stuffed goofy gold baby dragon                              Price 250
42  a stuffed slight silver baby dragon                           Price 250
43  a purple cotton shirt emblazoned with a double serpent logo   Price 85
44  a cheap purple armband                                        Price 35
45  a stuffed brown bear with a purple shirt                      Price 100

Some coffees are customizable with 36 flavored syrups. Hot water may be used to choose from 36 different types of tea.
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