Palace of Piraeus, Hotel Atrium Buffet

[Palace of Piraeus Hotel, Atrium]
A large golden fountain stands in the midst of a copse of trees planted in soil raised up on a platform along the western wall, the moonlight filtering through the four-story high glass ceiling to glittering across their leaves. Glowing travertine tiles form an intricate design on the floor, the true scope of which cannot be appreciated except by those on the upper floors looking down. Cozy groups of upholstered seating huddles among immense alabaster pillars all within the surrounding trees. You also see a long breakfast buffet with some stuff on it and a low hallway.

1   a plate of scrambled eggs with salmon rosettes over toast                   Price 25   
2   a steaming fruit filled crepe drizzled with honey                           Price 19       
3   a fresh cheese and fruit plate with yogurt dipping sauce                    Price 15       
4   a plate of silver obol pancakes                                             Price 15     
5   a plate of scrambled eggs with melted cheddar cheese                        Price 12      
6   a plate of poached eggs over steak and muffins with a yellow cream sauce    Price 25   
7   a plate of sunny side eggs with toast and ham                               Price 16

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