Palace of Piraeus Hotel, Bar and Lounge

[Palace of Piraeus Hotel, Bar and Lounge]
Plush chairs and ottomans with large couches and settees, all upholstered in purple cloth, are arranged around small tables of wrought iron and burled walnut. An impressive curved bar of glittering alabaster is set off from the surrounding pillars and walls with the inclusion of the same darkly stained walnut and comfortable cushioned stools lined across its front. The rear wall of the bar is lined with bottles of wine and spirits that glow with the light dispersed through a frosted glass pane behind. You also see a bartender, a serving counter, a tavern menu, a long red carpet running south and west and a curved alabaster bar.

Welcome to Palace of Piraeus Bar!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a hot mug of dark Arabian coffee
      2        12    a chilled pear and lemon baroness
      3        15    a vodka and squeezed lime battering ram
      4        18    the Captain's martini
      5         9    a cold glass of rum-spiked iced tea
      6        11    an iced lime-twist gin and tonic
      7        14    a glass of rum-spiked holy water
      8        12    a shot of blazing inferno
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