Palace of Piraeus Hotel, The Dragon's Cave

[Palace of Piraeus Hotel, The Dragon's Cave]
Casual elegance meets with subterranean dining in this slightly sunken restaurant, the walls themselves creeping with hints of rough stone and the occasional stalactite making an appearance through the coarse granite ceiling. A chandelier wrought of frosted crystal seems to grow from the ceiling, its snaking tubes of luminescence looking like some sort of intricate gathering of glowing mushrooms and fungus. You also see a waitress, a tavern menu, a serving counter and a set of open double doors.

     Welcome to The Dragon's Cave!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         7    an overstuffed sour cream potato
      2        10    a plate of lemon sauteed chicken piccata
      3         9    some blackened chicken alfredo penne
      4        14    some fresh feta Mediterranean salmon
      5        16    some demi-glaze garlic rack of lamb
      6        12    some marinated horseradish beef tenderloin
      7        18    a slice of medium rare prime rib
      8         2    a frosted mug of cold water
      9         5    a goblet of purple grape juice
     10         4    a steaming cup of chai tea
     11         4    a frothy mug of spiced hot chocolate
     12         8    a dry glass of rich golden chardonnay
     13        38    a cold glass of Joshu Haku plum wine
     14         8    a glass of deep purple wine
     15        45    some Poggio Antico di Guido riserva
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