Pan on the Agora

[Roman Agora]
Sweet music issues from the shadows of an open kiosk under the eaves of the stoa. One might mistake this for some high class dining establishment, or perhaps an instrument shop, but glancing that way proves it to be nothing more than an aspiring musician selling bits and baubles in an effort to put herself through the academy. A few customers flit about the merchandise on the table, but the young woman seems more interested in her lute than their purses at the moment. You also see an aspiring young musician, Vanir, a serving counter, a tavern menu and a small table with some stuff on it.

     Welcome to Pan on the Agora!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a flaky cheese-filled tyropita
      2         4    a rice and lamb-stuffed dolmade
      3         8    a plate of deep fried kalamari
      4         6    a trencher of spicy gigantes
      5        11    some olives and mashed taramosalata
      6        10    a pot of saganaki and bread
      7         7    a bowl of hummus and chips
      8         6    some tsatziki sauce and chips
      9         5    a glass of sparkling pink lemonade
     10         7    a glass of iced spiced cider
     11         5    a bottle of thick vegetable juice
     12         8    a mug of dark brown beer
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