Pan's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Pan's Tent]
Brown silk fabric embroidered with green leaves covers the four walls of the tent. Large trees grow through the ceiling of the tent, allowing the light of the day or the glow of the moon to give atmosphere to this tribute to Pan. His statue, a small marble likeness, rests on a pedestal in the very back of the tent where it is not readily visible. Chimes of pipes dangle down from the ceiling resonating soft music.

A large cedar chest

  • a tourmaline studded arm sheath
  • a silvery conch shell
  • a nymph mask
  • an iron-riveted goat-hide buckler
  • a satyr mask
  • a fertility charm pendant
  • a goat-horned gauntlet

A large cedar display case

  • a pair of leather dancing shoes
  • a crushed oval tourmaline pendant
  • a pitted bronze flute symbol
  • some pointed ivory horn earrings
  • a lynx skin cloak
  • a wooden syrinx relic necklace
  • a large green tourmaline leaf ring,
  • a leering satyr mask
  • a lynx pelt satchel
  • a copper flute shaped pin

A large cedar table

  • an embroidered nymph and satyr haversack
  • a leering satyr relic ring
  • a kissing nymph and satyr pin
  • a goat-headed cane
  • a delicate crystal nymph figurine
  • a nymph-engraved syrinx
  • some goat-hide leggings
  • a platinum cavorting nymph earring
  • a slinky black silk skirt,
  • some nymph engraved panpipes
  • a dancing nymph charm
  • an engraved Pan armband relic
  • a carved fir syrinx and a satyr mask charm

A large cedar counter

  • some wine colored panpipes
  • some fur-covered hoof boots tied off with rustic leather straps
  • a steel traveler's flask
  • an age darkened shepherd's crook
  • an iron horned goat's head helmet
  • a lovely capering nymph pin
  • a pair of stubby satyr horns
  • a twisted oak shepherd's crook
  • a lucky goat's hoof relic
  • a woolen himation

A large cedar rack

  • a wool fringed goatskin caparison
  • a pewter goats head bracelet
  • a woven reed saddle blanket
  • a ragged goatskin campestre
  • a battered goat horn topped helm
  • a pair of cork-soled baucides
  • some fur-edged goatskin chaps

A large cedar display

  • a rustic blown glass globe
  • a green Pan nutcracker
  • a sturdy reed chasing staff with iron barbs
  • a stuffed Pan doll
  • a sturdy pine Pan statuette
  • some black leather alogopaps shaped like goat hooves
  • a syrinx-shaped pendant crafted from polished pine
  • a goat hide satchel with a syrinx-shaped bone clasp

A wooden horse

  • a rough leather harness with an iron syrinx at its center
  • some deep green and brown tail ribbons strung with tiny nymphs
  • some fur-covered hoof boots tied off with rustic leather straps
  • a rustic leather girth threaded with goat fur and tattered raffia
  • an etched leather bridle topped with a pair of comical satyr horns
  • some leather reins reinforced with hollowed out bits of reed
  • a goat-head pommeled saddle etched with reeds and teasing nymphs
  • a dark leather bridle set with a horn on the browband
  • a roughly textured stiff black leather saddle blanket
  • a rough leather saddle with a high backed cantle and large horn

A large cedar trunk

  • a loosely-laced tanned leather vest
  • a twisting thorn eyebrow ring
  • a simple silver flute inlaid with tourmalines
  • an ornately carved syrinx
  • some beautifully carved and darkly stained wooden panpipes
  • a crushed tourmaline and polished pine bracelet
  • a rustic canvas satchel with thin leather lacings

A large cedar fishtank

  • a jasper sculpture of Pan chasing Syrinx across a river
  • an ivory sculpture of Pan playing a set of curved panpipes

A large cedar shelf

  • a skimpy deer hide promenade dress riddled with wild rips and tatters
  • a sage green open-front suede vest with a tattered frill
  • a constrictive leather and silver choker engraved with a knotwork of reed pipes
  • some leather leg greaves dyed with muted forest colors
  • a horn-hilted steel xiphos with a leaf-shaped blade
  • a long cotton skirt split and held together at in the back with wooden clasps
  • a tan leather chariot jacket
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