[Roman Agora]
The street finally comes to the stoa of the Roman Agora, its surface paved with marble from here on into the city of Delphi. The great stoa housing the agora rises high into the sky, its ionic columns marching with stately grace through the writhing crowd of shoppers and bunches of stalls and kiosks of the merchants catering to them. The tables along the street have graduated to actual carts and small stands set up along the south side of the road. You also see Papa Spiro, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to Papaspiro's!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         8    some oven-baked vegetable briam
      2         6    a rice and lamb stuffed gemista
      3         9    some garlic and tomato stuffed spetsiota
      4         7    a plate of veal stifado
      5        10    a plate of ouzo soaked octapothi
      6         7    a bowl of chicken manestra
      7        11    some grilled vegetables and exohiko
      8         7    a roasted pita-wrapped souvlaki
      9         7    some lemon giavourlakia avgolemono
     10         7    a bowl of creamy chicken okra
     11         6    a chunky strawberry frappe
     12         6    a thick orange frappe
     13         6    a refreshing melon frappe
     14         6    a frothy banana frappe
     15         6    a creamy peach frappe
     16         6    a tart apple frappe
     17         6    a thick mango frappe
     18         6    a smooth kiwi frappe
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