Paper Rose

The following is a list of instructions to follow to form a paper rose. This is the most complex of the origami and requires four pieces of paper. This is also the only origami that requires you to use smaller sheets of paper. You will make these by cutting the sheets before folding.

First we'll create the rose base for the blossom to sit on:

PLEAT - Pleat the four corners to form a diamond pattern.
FOLD NORMAL - Fold two of the layers to the center.
PULL - Swing the layers over.
FOLD NORMAL - Fold two more layers to the center.
CREASE - Fold it in half to the top.
FOLD REVERSE - Pull the flaps open.
OPEN - Open the model to create a rose base.

Now we will create the petals. You need to create three sets of petals, each consecutively smaller. Use one sheet without cutting it. Then cut a sheet once and fold it. The third sheet you want to cut twice and fold. Each sheet is folded as follows:

CREASE - Crease the papyrus down the center.
FOLD VALLEY - Fold the sides into the base.
CRIMP - Fold the sides left and then right.
TURN - Rotate the model.
SINK - Pinch the bottom to sink it.
OPEN - Open up the petals.

Once you have all four pieces done, you will want to place the inner ring of petals into the central ring and then place the central ring into the outer ring. This will create a blossom. You then put the blossom into the base and it will create your paper rose!

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