Peabody Acres Taverna

[Peabody Acres Taverna]
Generously ventilated, thanks to the wide spaces between the boards forming the walls, the taverna is well-lit. Sagging from the weight of generations of elbows, the bar's counter droops lazily at its midpoint. You also see the tavern keeper, a tavern menu and the rear door.

     Welcome to Peabody Acres Taverna!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         4    a bowl of lamb intestines and pasta
      2         5    some salted cod
      3         6    a plate of stuffed squid
      4         5    some barley and lamb pudding
      5         5    a mug of wheat ale
      6         4    a cup of iced lemonade
      7         5    a tankard of Peabody's Special
      8        30    a half-keg of beer
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