[Penthouse Apartment, Reception Room]
The reception room opens up into the entire first floor with a wide pair of sliding windows leading out onto the balcony and a flight of curved floating stairs leading up to the private quarters. The windowed wall behind the stairs goes all the way to the ceiling of the second floor and is entirely glass. When you're this high up you don't worry about privacy. A large fish tank is set into the wall that backs the bathroom and a black grand piano sits just under the stairs. You also see some winding stairs and some sliding glass doors.
Obvious exits: southwest, west, northwest.


[Penthouse Apartment, Office]
The stairs open right up onto a large office area, the room full of bookcases stuffed not only with novels, but with DVDs and nicknacks. There is a desk over by the windows looking out onto the view of the city and an entertainment center just across from it holds another large plasma television and an MP3 docking station. A large tower computer is on the desk and a Playstation 3 sitting on the floor with its controllers thrown haphazardly next to a comfortable chair. You also see the bedroom door and some winding stairs.

(Many kids items, movies and the computer screen saver are juvenile shows.)

Memorandum on desk -

TO: Dennis Wynwode
FROM: IT Department
DATE: 2/8/2007
RE: Email migration

We will be migrating our email servers over to gmail in
the next coming months.  You should have access to your
account within the next 24 hours.  Please use the same
discretion with this account as you would have your old

You will keep your same username: wynwoded.orpheus and
your password will still be the one you supplied when
your ID tag was encoded.  If you have any issues please
direct them to the proper department.

Look television
Go ahead… choose a channel. ( … watch?v=xNKLGbjMjbw … watch?v=xqwkPrnWIIo … watch?v=jvU2-k-relg …watch?v=_Qg0bktcPJ8 … watch?v=EEuefF8fFRE … watch?v=Rx3tOVeHC_s … watch?v=uprjmoSMJ-o … watch?v=n7SvCEc4BkQ)

In drawer in desk:
Inside a drawer you see a camera phone, a bunch of junk, and an ID card.

(Please go to to view the ID card.)

On ID Card, barcode across top. Scanning with mobile barcode scanner program returned: hyenawing

Login - wynwoded.orpheus
PW - hyenawing

The following links were in emails on the account. - Cow - Jackal - Naruto Push It - Dr Who - Turn, Turn, Turn - Rump Posse Does Mike Tyson’s Punchout - Shake it up, Pump it up - bleach - Chevelle - tugOwar - fidget - living on video - Fruits Basket - I get knocked down - Monty python - Nudge Nudge

Other emails:
moc.liamg|suehpro.mreyd#moc.liamg|suehpro.mreyd - Mike Dyer
moc.oohay|seebstraehlys#moc.oohay|seebstraehlys - Sylvia Green
moc.liamg|evitaitini.suoehprO#moc.liamg|evitaitini.suoehprO - IT Team

(Go to for some music.)

NW from main room…

[Penthouse Apartment, Informal Living Room]
The informal living area is resplendent with comfortable chairs, sofas and love seats all in a circle to promote conversation despite the 80-inch plasma television on the wall. A pool table sits in the corner next to the windowed north wall and track lighting highlights paintings hung on the walls. A large coffee table sits in the center of the seating area on a purple and golden rug decorated with vines, its surface made of slate paneled mahogany.
Obvious exits: southeast.

Go ahead… choose a channel. ( … watch?v=B3KBuQHHKx0 … watch?v=VVLZi7kqYQg … watch?v=g7Rz9aDhl-k … watch?v=czrj4yJm6z0 … watch?v=L_lWCc-Il_E … watch?v=Szo4aRuIkF4 … watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE … watch?v=MxKZHL8HW-4)

Possible next sequence: Turn - Punch - Shake - Tug - Fidget - Knock - Nudge

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