Perdurabo's Alchemicus Triumphicus

[Perdurabo's Alchemicus Triumphicus]
The grandeur of this shop far exceeds its size, marble pillars and golden tapestries and pseudo-mystical knicknacks of every sort imaginable packed into a remarkably tiny space. A thick layer of dust coats everything, and it is hard to breathe through the fumes of a dozen lit incense braziers. Faint music seems to be piping in from somewhere, but you cannot place the source.

1. a red velvet scroll               (10 dinars) Greater healing elixir.
2. a yellow velvet scroll            (4 dinars)  Eyebright and sunflower poultice.
3. a crushed black velvet scroll     (18 dinars) Sun-infused water.
4. a painted black velvet scroll     (65 dinars) Elixir of Hades.
5. a garish black velvet scroll      (29 dinars) Elixir of Hermes.
6. a vivid black velvet scroll       (29 dinars) Elixir of Nike.
7. a rumpled black velvet scroll     (32 dinars) Elixir of Athena.
8. a tattered black velvet scroll    (53 dinars) Elixir of Ares.
9. a worn ivory velvet scroll        (29 dinars) Carrot chickory poultice.
1. a crushed ivory velvet scroll     (15 dinars) Bottled smoke of Obfuscates.
2. a long jade velvet scroll         (20 dinars) Dust of Narcoleptis.
3. a short jade velvet scroll        (6 dinars)  Mistletoe powder of Ch'in.
4. an ornate jade velvet scroll      (26 dinars) Elm powder of Ch'in.
5. an embroidered jade velvet scroll (45 dinars) Oak powder of Ch'in.
6. a rumpled blue velvet scroll      (85 dinars) Witchwood powder of Ch'in.
7. a narrow blue velvet scroll       (4 dinars)  Serum of sight.
8. a wine-stained rice paper scroll  (18 dinars) Beauty tonic of Dionysus. 
9. a tattered wine-stained scroll    (11 dinars) Wine vinegar.

1. a translucent rice paper scroll   (19 dinars) Scented oil.
2. a red rice paper scroll           (27 dinars) Henna-based ink.
3. a blue rice paper scroll          (29 dinars) Woad-based ink. 
4. a soot-stained scroll             (19 dinars) Black ink. 

5. a sparkling silver scroll         (75 dinars) Ancestor spirits brew.
6. a glinting blood-red scroll       (82 dinars) Warlord spirits brew.
7. an airy translucent scroll        (88 dinars) Air spirits brew.
8. a bag of red garnet dust          (20 dinars)
9. a bag of red bloodstone dust      (20 dinars)
1. a bag of rock-crystal dust        (20 dinars)
2. a decanter of gold water          (5 dinars)
3. a round-edged scroll              (16 dinars) Dye color fixer. 
4. a thin dark purple scroll         (10 dinars) Eyes of the eagle potion. 
5. a thin smoke-colored scroll       (15 dinars) Vial of Discord.
6. a thin light green scroll         (30 dinars) Balm of Orpheus. 
7. a cyan parchment scroll           (5 dinars)  Barkskin potion. 
8. a dull gray parchment scroll      (30 dinars) Stoneskin potion. 
9. a light gray parchment scroll     (66 dinars) Steelskin potion. 
1. a gold-edged parchment scroll     (110 dinars) Goldskin potion.
2. a bag of steel powder             (50 dinars)
3. a P3 chickory root draught        (9 dinars)
4. a P5 chickory root draught        (25 dinars)
5. a P7 chickory root draught        (49 dinars)
6. a P11 chickory root draught       (121 dinars)
7. a P16 chickory root draught       (256 dinars)
8. a P20 chickory root draught       (400 dinars)
9. a P4 honey-ginseng elixir         (16 dinars)
1. a P6 honey-ginseng elixir         (36 dinars)
2. a P9 honey-ginseng elixir         (81 dinars)
3. a P12 honey-ginseng elixir        (144 dinars)
4. a vial of P8 golden gel           (40 dinars)
5. a blood smeared scroll            (237 dinars)

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