But even in death, so strong is Love,
I could not wholly die ; and year by year,
When the bright springtime comes, and earth lives,
Love opens these dread gates, and calls me forth
Across the gulf.

— Lewis Morris

Both the goddess of spring and the queen of the dead and the daughter of Demeter, she was stolen from her mother by Hades and made to stay there as his queen. During this time her mother mourned over her so ,that all the crops she was responsible for withered and died causing mass starvation. Eventually a deal was struck with Hades, by Hercules, to allow Persephone equal time with him in the Underworld and with her mother in the heavens. When Persephone is with Demeter she is so happy that she let's the crops spring back to life. When Persephone must go back down to spend her time with Hades, Demeter mourns and refuses to let crops grow, bringing on winter.

Persephone favors training in Alchemy and Arcane Knowledge, but disfavors training in Mechanical Knowledge. Persephone's symbol is a wildflower and her followers sacrifice smoky quartzes, honey bread, and spring flowers to her.

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