Persephone's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Persephone's Tent]
This green tent has little traffic. Billowing pale green silk serves to keep the dust out. Wildflowers dance in profusion along the borders of the silk tent flap and are also engraved on the centerpost. There is a sense of lightness and spring throughout the tent highlighted by the bright tapestries. Delicate lanterns hang from loops on the tent top.

A silver-edged green chest

  • a hooded black silk cloak
  • a white silk dress embroidered with delicate wildflowers
  • a smoky quartz-hilted silver longsword
  • a silver necklace strung with garnet pomegranate seeds
  • a smoky quartz relic circlet
  • a silver breastplate etched with the fires of Hades
  • a smokey quartz studded thigh sheath

A silver-edged green display case

  • a red pomegranate medallion
  • a crown of wildflowers
  • a purple pomegranate pin
  • some honey bread
  • a smokey quartz necklace
  • some wildflower streamers

A silver-edged green table

  • a woven straw gardening hat,
  • a miniature flower chain bracelet
  • a flying bird pin
  • an embroidered emerald green chiton
  • a light ivy-embroidered vest
  • a cotton earth-colored apron,
  • a wilted spring flowers armband
  • a snow flake relic necklace

A silver-edged green counter

  • a bleached white skull relic,
  • some Styx mix pomegranate juice
  • a gardening spade, a quartz wildflower anklet
  • some black and green ipposaks
  • an oversized chocolate pomegranate
  • a silk and lace black wedding dress
  • a long iron mourn blossom scythe,
  • a pair of tiny ruby seed earrings
  • a lovely silk springtime blouse

A silver-edged green showcase

  • a bright flower blossom cloak
  • some spring flower buckled sandals,
  • a floppy sunflower hat
  • a soft yellow caparison cut in the style of a bright sun dress
  • a twisted ivy saddle blanket
  • a gold ivy and spring flower festoon
  • a wilted flower-edged cape

A silver-edged green display

  • a pale green glass globe
  • a sweet smelling bouquet of wildflowers
  • a spring green draped chiton with delicate flower clasps
  • a green scarf, a ruby red Persephone nutcracker
  • a stuffed Persephone doll
  • a yew wood Persephone statuette

A wooden horse

  • a black leather harness with a golden pomegranate at its center
  • some thick leather hoof boots embossed with bright orange flames
  • some bright tail ribbons festooned with colorful spring flowers
  • a twisted vine girth dotted with dried red pomegranate seeds
  • some black leather reins embossed with iron and etched with flames
  • a leather saddle detailing the transition from earth to underworld
  • a soft yellow caparison cut in the style of a bright sun dress
  • an ebony caparison edged with tiny golden medallions
  • a sturdy leather saddle with a suede-padded seat and twisted vine stirrups
  • a leather bridle with a large metal circle embedded on the top

A silver-edged green trunk

  • a black silk scarf threaded with garnet seeds
  • a trailing white silk hooded cloak with black detailing
  • a tapered white halter-style bodice with black detailing
  • a delicate hair ribbon of palest green silk
  • some pale green ribbon-tied sandals
  • a black lace half-veil with a spray of onyx blossoms

A silver-edged green fishtank

  • an opal sculpture of a crying Persephone holding a pomegranate

A silver-edged green shelf

  • a braided wire and ivory hairpin
  • a beautiful green sheath dress accented with swirling vines
  • an engraved steel headed spear with a pomegranate red shaft
  • a spring green leather chariot vest, a dainty silver wildflower crown
  • a dainty silver wildflower scepter
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