Piraeus Academy

[Piraeus Academy, Main Grounds]
The main grounds of the academy stand within the shadow of the formidable hall to the north, a flight of steps leading up to the massive doorways set between the tall columns that support a lavishly carved pediment. Benches sit around a statue of a roaring dragon that sits on a dais in the middle of a simple fountain that sprays jets of dyed purple water up into the air, and the fields surrounding the central area are full of activity. You also see the massive doorways of the main lecture hall.

The Piraeus Academy was built by Drakontas with the help of Vasileios as a gesture of goodwill toward Athens and its citizens. Knowing the importance of education to the Athenian people, and having heard there was a lack of good resources in the area, he decided to build this as a campus that would serve all of Attica. Complete with dorms for students traveling from distant locations, the academy has just about everything one could need from zoos and gardens to stadiums and observatories.


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