King of the stormy sea!
Brother to Jove, and a co-inheritor
Of elements! Eternally before
Thee the waves awful bow. Fast, stubborn rock,
Its deep foundations, hissing into foam.

Subdued majesty with his glad time.
O shell-borne king sublime!
We lay our hearts before thee evermore-
We sing, and we adore!

— Keats

Poseidon is the quick tempered brother of Zeus and Hades and lord of the oceans. After the overthrow of their father Cronos he drew lots with Zeus and Hades for shares of the world. His prize was to become lord of the sea. He is widely worshiped by seamen. He married Amphitrite, a granddaughter of the Titan Oceanus, though at one point he desired Demeter. To put him off Demeter asked him to make the most beautiful animal that the world had ever seen, so to impress her Poseidon created the first horse. In some accounts his first attempts were unsuccessful and he created a variety of other animals in his quest. By the time the horse was created his passion for Demeter had cooled. Temperamental and easily angered, he spends most of his time in his golden palace of coral and gems beneath the ocean with his queen, the sea goddess Amphitrite. Poseidon's scepter is a trident and he rides in a chariot drawn by dolphins and seahorses. More often than not when he shakes his trident storms and floods are soon to follow and when he strikes the earth he makes mountains tremble, though he can also be kind. He has a difficult, quarrelsome personality and is very greedy leading to a series of disputes with other gods when he tried to take over their cities.

Poseidon favors training in Weapons, Brawling, and Physical Development. He disfavors training in Acrobatics. His symbol is the trident and black pearls, anchors, and tridents are often sacrificed to him.

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