Poseidon's Gods Fair Tent

[Festival of the Gods, Poseidon's Tent]
Holding up the middle of the large tent is a sculpted iron trident. Deep blue silk fabric drapes from the ceiling in large waves across the tent. Crushed seashells have been scattered on the ground and flattened, creating a fascinating mosaic display. A rectangular mural made on bogwood hangs on the back wall.

A coral-edged chest

  • a silver anchor etched breastplate
  • a pearl dusted belt case
  • an anchor-shaped backpack
  • a trident-shaped lollipop
  • a black pearl pendant
  • a steel pearl encrusted trident
  • some anchor-shaped earrings

A pearl-edged display case

  • a golden chariot relic pin
  • a silver braided twist ring
  • a dolphin embroidered satchel
  • a silvery trident symbol
  • a finely carved red mahogany pole
  • a black pearl hilted longsword
  • an elegant black pearl choker
  • a jeweled white stallion pendant

A coral table

  • a sea foam-colored gown
  • some tooled sea horse back legwraps
  • a pair of wave-tooled bracers
  • a coral sea siren figurine
  • a silver wave-bladed longsword
  • a sea-blue dolphin-edged sheath
  • a polished coral necklace
  • an aqua blue tunic
  • an embroidered dolphin wrist pouch

A coral counter

  • a silver fish hairpin
  • some black fish-net stockings
  • a worn mariner's cargo net
  • a storm grey mariner's tunic
  • a heavy mariner's crossbow
  • a silver triton relic
  • a polished steel sabre
  • a dolphin figurine
  • a silver trident

A coral bedecked showcase

  • a crossed trident etched pectoral
  • a lace-trimmed seafoam caparison
  • a woven seaweed saddle blanket
  • a woven hemp rope belt
  • a woolen wave-stitched abolla
  • a three-masted silver caravel pendant
  • a pair of sail cloth pants

A coral-edged display

  • a shimmering blue-green glass globe
  • a large rosy conch cup
  • a pair of pearl and coral encrusted anchor-shaped earrings
  • a pearl handled miniature trident
  • a blue Poseidon nutcracker
  • a stuffed Poseidon doll
  • a blue marble Poseidon statuette

A wooden horse

  • a cascade of shimmering blue tail ribbons hung with starfish and shells
  • a bright saddle blanket stitched with a series of diving dolphins
  • a thick leather harness with a golden trident at its center
  • a blue leather girth embossed with tiny swimming fish and corral
  • a patinaed silver bridle flanked with pieces of bright coral
  • some light corroded chain reins hung with bits of seaweed
  • a large leather saddle fashioned to resemble stylized ocean waves
  • a silvery bridle edged with dozens of miniature bells
  • a dark grey caparison edged with tiny silver medallions
  • a black leather saddle embossed with a herd of stampeding horses

A coral-edged trunk

  • an etched deep blue belt case
  • a faded suede tri-corner hat
  • a flowing blue chiffon gown
  • an etched leather weapons belt
  • a stormy gray silk sash
  • a pair of dangling turquoise and black pearl earrings
  • a stormy gray silk hair ribbon threaded with silver
  • a gray silk sarong with a light blue floral pattern
  • a solid silver compass with an etched pearl lid
  • a pearl-hilted silver dagger

A coral fishtank

  • a coral sculpture of Poseidon riding a giant seahorse
  • a lapis sculpture of Poseidon with an ornate trident

A coral bedecked shelf

  • a blued steel chain torc with aquamarine spheres
  • a gradient blue tunica with a decorative gold dolphin trim
  • a water-resistant leather thigh quiver lined with oilcloth
  • a blue and green piecework quilt with swirling spheres
  • a darkened silver kraken flask, a carved steel trident with a sturdy black oak shaft
  • a dark blue leather chariot vest
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