Potter's Shop

[Andreas, Potter's Shop]
A dust-streaked wooden counter contains many exquisite pieces of pottery for sale, as well as a wide-necked vase sealed with wax and filled with the high quality clay found in this area. The clerk waits patiently, ready to help you with your purchase. You also see a feverish madwoman, a list and a counter.

     Welcome to Potter's Shop!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        14    a sculpted clay figurine
      2        11    a clay red-glazed amphora
      3        17    a clay black-figure krater
      4        23    a clay libation bowl
      5        24    a clay white-glazed kylix
      6        21    a clay wine psykter
      7        32    a clay ritual rhyton
      8        35    a clay ram's head rhyton
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