The following is a list of Premium Benefits according to the Gazette ingame.

As a Premium Member you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of benefits. The first and most obvious is access to Premium only areas like the estate houses in each city that also provide access to special merchants available only to you! Most of these merchants are located in the Diamond Estate for convenience, but some may find their way into others as time passes. Every other month a special merchant is available in the Diamond Estate behind the gilded door in the Commerce Wing on top of the static merchants. The latter includes custom perfumes and oils with a scent that is all your own, take out menus for ordering food found nowhere else in-game straight to your house, and catering platters to throw parties with just to name a few.

Estate Holders also enjoy benefits that may be easily overlooked. You have access to your bank account when dealing with merchants, most of whom will allow you to pay with your bank funds if you do not have the money onhand. Not only that, but these guys love you so much that they give you an additional 10% discount on items plus easier backroom access! You can also type WEALTH to see a full run down of your dinars, including all those you have hidden away in various purses and other containers. Your steeds will hold more items in their saddlebags based on how long you have been a continuous Estate Member, and you can even call for special steeds with carts by WHISTLEing FOR CART.

Each month we endeavor to have a meeting where you have the opportunity to hold the attention of two GMs who are willing to listen to your ideas and do their best to see them come to light (assuming they're viable). At these meetings you will get to hear what's going on with your benefits in the future and participate in a raffle for fun items usually only seen at auctions. Sometimes you will even get sneak peeks at areas and new systems and first crack at items before they hit the general market. Think of it as all access Beta testing!

You think we're done? Let's not forget about houses. As homes stand right now, you have premium access to upper and middle classes homes as well as any stand alones while regular accounts may only buy low budget housing. That's all about to change for everyone. Non-premium members will be thrilled to move out of the slums, but don't fret Estate Holders, you will still have homes only you can buy. On top of that, Estate Holders will have unprecedented access to premium only furniture merchants and even a few settings in their homes that only they can use. You will be allowed to have homes consisting of up to NINE ROOMS in total verses the maximum of two for non-estate members (this is based on house type and continuous years of Premium Service) and even backyards! You will be allowed to have more guests with keys to take advantage of all this extra space and you even get 20 extra slots for furniture storage. Plus, don't forget our first one hundred Premium Customers get FREE home facade alterations!

Wait! There's more! At the risk of sounding like a bad infomercial, there are still more benefits to cover quickly. Premium Members have their own expedited travel service with a hub in Atlantis. Yes, only you can see Atlantis… and yes, Atlantis -will- improve. This brings us to our next point. Premium only contests! Competitions like the Atlantis Area Design Contest are still in their infancy, and we are still using those submissions from it, but we promise to have more in the future. Did we miss anything? Let us know! Are we missing anything you would like to see that we don't already have? Let us know that, too! You guys really are special and appreciated, and we want to do our best to show it.

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