The Pirate Captain of the IDS Diakopto

"Psarigida's me name. Known round the world by a few folks as The Piranha. But I don' reckon many of em know too long, eh?"

"Yer askin' questions wifout the little curvy bit a' the end."
—Psarigida on the 'subtle' attempts of the Athenians to get information from her

A pirate captain allied with Drakontas, Psarigida is a woman to be reckoned with. When she first arrived in Piraeus, shortly before the end of Kamarthi, she had her men stay in the Sweet Oblivi Inn in Athens because she didn't care for the men Kamarthi had brought in. As a result, the inn was completely trashed, and Vasileios later paid for it to be refurbished. Psarigida's ship is a Phoenician round ship named the IDS Diakopto, and quite a large ship it is too. It was damaged in the fight with Kamarthi when the sea serpent attacked, but rumor has it that Drakontas paid for it to be fully restored. Psarigida is also apparently responsible for transporting any weird pets Drakontas may want, and she has brought at least two sea serpents to the shores of Piraeus.

Did You Know?

  • "Psari" means fish in Greek, and "Gida" means goat. In short, Psarigida's name is a reference to goatfish, or as the rest of the world knows them, piranha. She has been called "The Piranha" before in the letters, probably due to her apparent vicious nature if she's crossed. "Diakopto" is Greek for "Intercept", and the IDS presumably stands for In Drakontas's Service. Her ship bears the purple dragon standard of the warlord.
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