Ramfos Mais' Cart of Wonders

[Hierra, Cavern Village Gate]
This small curving tunnel ends at a spiked metal gate and darkness beyond to the north but opens up onto a large cavern filled with the orange glow of fire to the south. The walls are decorated by an impressive array of figures and symbols with a line of small niches at about shoulder height. The floor slopes downwards as the cramped tunnel twists its way into the larger chamber with the gate looming ominously in the darkness above. You also see Ramfos Mais, a silver gate and a cart.

1   Orion's immersion resistant boots of the Selloi             Price 1500
2   Aether's purification helm of the Anemoi                    Price 2500
3   Milo's indomitable belt of the Pythian Games                Price 1250
4   Alcestis's pendant of everlasting life                      Price 5000
5   Philippus's physician gloves of the Asclepiads              Price 2000
6   Atalanta's agile sandals of swift flight                    Price 2000
7   Tantalus's enchanted larder satchel of Euthenia             Price 2500 
8   Chronos's time keeping pendant of the zodiac                Price 1500
9   Priam's trackless boots of the Arcadians                    Price 1500
10  Alexander's money pouch of endless wealth                   Price 2750
11  Aspasia's surgical trousers of rapid mending                Price 2500

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