Reseda's Healing Hut

[Reseda's Healing Hut]
The floor of the hut is made of hardened clay, but looks as if it is swept often to keep the dust down to a minimum. Reseda stands behind the thatched counter, organizing inventory on shelves and in various bins that she has stacked wherever there's room. Baskets hang from the ceiling full of different roots and berries. You also see Reseda.

1   a jar of deep purple wine                         Price 5         
2   a bag of quartz dust                              Price 22        
3   a bottle of crude olive oil                       Price 8         
4   a bottle of cheap red wine                        Price 9         
5   a bottle of ground glass                          Price 10        
6   a bag of salt                                     Price 15        
7   a bag of red garnet dust                          Price 20        
8   a bag of red bloodstone dust                      Price 20        
9   a bag of rock-crystal dust                        Price 20        
10  a decanter of gold water                          Price 5         
11  a bag of steel powder                             Price 50        
12  a bottle of anaconda snake oil                    Price 50        

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