Rolling Hedgehog

The following is a list of instructions to follow to form a paper hedgehog. When you poke the hedgehog it will roll up into a little ball and unroll when you poke it again.

FOLD MOUNTAIN - Fold the papyrus over.
TURN - Turn the model over.
CREASE - Fold the model in half.
FOLD NORMAL - Fold the model at an angle to center.
CRIMP - Crimp the nose of the hedgehog.
TWIST - Twist the tip of the model.
OPEN - Open up the model to form the body.
TUCK - Tuck the exposed layers inside.
PULL - Pull out the papyrus on the head to form eyes.
TURN - Rotate the model 1/4 turn.
FOLD REVERSE - Fold down the rear of the body.
PLEAT - Form the legs.
SINK - Sink in the back to form the tail.
SHAPE - Shape the legs and finish the hedgehog.

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