Romando's Gladiatorial Imports, Weapon Sales

[Romando's Gladiatorial Imports, Weapon Sales]
Paintings adorn every centimeter of wall space in the front room of this shop. Each shows an athlete using decidedly unique equipment, not to mention combat style, to dominate his opponent in personal combat. Beyond the common theme of personal combat among the scenes, is the fact that all are set in a large amphitheater of decidedly foreign architecture and advanced design — an amphitheater filled with cheering spectators. You also see Romando.

1   a light throwing net                              Price 41        
2   a trident                                         Price 45        
3   an awl-punched gladius                            Price 46        
4   a ball and chain                                  Price 68        
5   a dagger                                          Price 18        
6   a swivel-handled whip                             Price 19        
7   a three-string bola                               Price 16        


Some items may be customized with a color.
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